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Elsewhere, Linden and Holder question Terry as she prepares the boys for school. Turns out it was her name on the account Rosie was using. Terry admits she let Rosie borrow her ID to get into a club one time. Holder shows Terry the ATM stills of Rosie at the casino and asks why Rosie was hanging out there -- no less making fat deposits into a shady banking account. Terry insists she has no idea what Rosie was doing and defensively tells them they have no right to talk about Rosie like that. She storms out and tells the detectives not to let the door hit them on their asses as they leave.

Downtown, Adams approaches Gwen on the street to hand her a mysterious envelope and a claim that he's here as a friend of her father. She is understandably wary of this sudden gesture, but he cryptically tells her to be cautious of the company she keeps before handing her the envelope. She doesn't refuse it.

In one of Seattle's seedier neighborhoods, Linden and Holder welcome a street walker into their car. Or, as it were, Holder's ex-partner in vice. I will not even attempt to recreate the banter between these two old chums, but rest assured it's awesome. Long story short, Holder's former partner used to work an undercover operation at the casino. She never saw Rosie but says she looks like a Beau Soleil girl. What is Beau Soleil? An escort service with johns who've been known to get a little rough.

Jamie enters Drexler's party to find a bevy of young girls swimming in a glass bottom pool above the main room where Drexler approaches, wearing naught but a robe and an insufficient Speedo. Drexler prattles on about how big Richmond owes him, though Jamie's more concerned with pretty young things floating above. Drexler assures him, "Beau Soleil girls are discreet." Jamie says that, with the election coming up in 14 days, he can't be there. Drexler says that he certainly can because the Richmonds of the world will always clean up his messes. Drexler says his five million-dollar donation is going to pay off, then tells Jamie to grab a bathing suit and join in on the fun.

Prison. Stan asks Mitch if she got his message. She coldly tells him she was out with the boys. She adds further that she never called the bondsman because all their money is gone. She tells him Janek called, and Stan doesn't have the chance to tell her the full circumstances of the missing savings and his visit to Janek. It's one of those infuriating conversations where a few words could shift the tide of conversation. Instead, the two people continue stubbornly down their elliptical speech patterns until they accuse each other of things they've been holding in for who-knows-how-long. In this case, Mitch thinks Stan never changed from his gambling, good-for-nothing mobster ways and Stan thinks Mitch is to blame for his current predicament since she basically emasculated him and goaded him into nearly killing Bennet Ahmed. He tells her the only reason he's in jail and she's out there is because he had the balls to admit what he did. He hangs up angrily and calls the guard.

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