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Downtown, Richmond fields questions from the newspapers whose endorsement will seal his victory. They think Richmond's soft-spoken nature will be his undoing. He claims it's a strength, that he knows how to build consensus, and that four more years of Adams will only lead to more finger pointing and bickering. The reporter notes that leaking the story about Adams' affair sure seemed like finger pointing. Richmond tries to skirt the denial, jabbering about candidates' private affairs and whatnot, but the paper wants a direct statement on the leak. Richmond lies that it did not originate from his campaign. The reporter moves on to the second anniversary of Richmond's wife's death, asking, "Do you think she'd approve of how you've run your campaign?" Richmond sits there, paralyzed, perhaps enraged. Gwen tries to get them to move on, but he finally snaps to and gives an answer about how Lily showed him every part of the city and how she was his compass. He says that, if he's elected, it will be because of Lily. This stings Gwen especially.

Stan's psych session is going predictably poorly. He tells the psychiatrist of a dream he has where he comes home from a job and finds his family sitting around the table with another man in his seat. The shrink asks how it made him feel. Stan says he "didn't feel nothin'." The family, on the other hand, was fine. The psychiatrist wonders, "So who was that man at the table?"

Cut to Chinatown, where Holder and Linden have located the cover operation for Beau Soleil. After some convincing, they get inside and get the front man to give up the servers to the site. They quickly find Celine's post and real name, as well as Orpheus's e-mail address. They can't get any more because Orpheus closed his account at four AM on the same night Rosie died.

Terry plans to get dinner for her and Mitch and wonders if Belko will want the same crap he always eats. Mitch tells her she fired Belko. Terry wonders what will happen when Stan gets out of jail, but Mitch says that's not going to happen since Stan gambled away all their money. Which he didn't. Terry says as much, and Mitch basically calls her a loser and an interloper who knows nothing. It becomes a debate over who really knew Rosie. The answer, of course, is that no one did.

SPD. Linden writes an e-mail to Orpheus. Subject: "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID." She sends it and waits, in the midst of which she gets a call from Holder, who is waiting for a paid rendezvous with Celine. As they chat, Linden becomes distracted by a clipping about Drexler's sizeable donation to Richmond's campaign. Just as she wonders if Richmond knows something relevant, Holder hears a knock at the door of his hotel room. Celine enters with her Audrey Hepburn style and her faux French accent. Holder shoves the money in her face like an anxious first-timer. As soon as she takes it, he drops the act and tells her he can take her in for her three priors. She asks what he wants, so he gets down to business and asks her about Orpheus. She plays dumb, so he shows her the crime scene photos of Rosie. "See you were the dress rehearsal," he tells her. "She wasn't." Celina insists that Orpheus seemed "sweet" and "kind of sad." Then he took her to the waterfront and got to talking about the feeling of drowning. She says it creeped her out. Holder assumes she knows who Orpheus really is, or she wouldn't be so scared. He asks directly if it was Drexler. She avoids his gaze and gets up to leave. He grabs her but isn't going to take her in, so he lets go, and she walks.

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