The Killing

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The Mean Reds


Richmond: "[Platitudes.]"
Mayor: "This darn video! It warps space and time and mathematics!"
Richmond: "[Platitudes.]"
Ben Abani: "Jamie apparently has an ex-girlfriend at the DA helping him in some way the recapper barely remembers."
Richmond: "[Platitudes.]"
Mayor: "You should have already done horrible things to her."
Ben Abani: "I know, but like this show moves really fast while also moving really slow. It's like when you first get on a treadmill and you're like whoa, whoa."


Linden: "We require a federal warrant for that casino that keeps trying to kill us."
Gwen: "I have a campaign to run, you weirdos. Why do you keep showing up here?"
Linden: "Because the Mayor has figuratively kissed us all in the kitchen at some point."
Holder: "Because justice."
Gwen: "Well, okay. I will go talk to my dad. I hope he doesn't pimp me out, though."
Linden: "For what it is worth, I hope this also."


Terry: "Halloween can still be fun, even when you're not allowed to trick-or-treat because your Dad keeps asking the Mob to murder all of us."
Denny: "Are you sure about that?"
Tommy: "When I take the throne of this earthly plane, every day will be Halloween."
Otis the Dog: "Every minute I remain alive is a gift from God."
Tommy: "There is no God. I will show you the life of the mind."


Terry: "Hello? No, I am not the lady of the house. I am not a lady at all! You can talk to Stan, though."
Stan: "What's that? You said you would buy my house? Which house is that? I have several. They are all secret. You know what's not a secret? My daughter is dead!"
Terry: "I will go replace the paper in the facsimile machine. It might take a while, though, since that means walking all the way back to 2002."
Stan: "Okay. Please don't notice my murder implements surrounding the facsimile machine. Or the pictures of my horribly dead daughter. Those are just for fun pranks. Or for eBay if things get rough financially."


Caleb Nichol: "I hope you're here to apologize for that time I taunted you about whoring you out as a child, causing you to leave a high-powered K Street job after about one minute."

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The Killing




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