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How Grief Protects Itself

Let me ask you something: Who the fuck else is Sarah Linden going to marry? I mean really.

Linden: "Former Partner. You think I am going to lose my sanity again."
Holder: "What's left of it. But no, not really. I just have your back. 'Think of me as your sensei in the bloodsport of life.'"
Linden: Loves that one. Oh my God it tickles her so much. It's gorgeous.

And because she smiles, the universe hands her Nicole Jackson's last girlfriend/victim, before Roberta, and the picture where her arm is broken. And somehow the hamsters in there start running on that hamster wheel of Sarah's brain, and boom the episode is solved.


Holder: "On a part of this show we didn't show you, we have figured out some things."
Roberta: "I don't care."
Holder: "Think you might."
Linden: "There was a woman named Kallie Wimms who was Nicole's Chief of Security and girlfriend before you became those things. Nicole broke her arm. Now she is in jail."
Roberta: "Probably because she was a lying bitch. I don't know if you have ever been to our casino before, but we are the fucking worst."
Linden: "No doubt this is true. But the truth is that Nicole pinned a Murder II on her, in exchange for full immunity, after breaking her arm. So now she is in jail, and you are the new Kallie Wimms."
Roberta: "This all would have been an interesting thing to have on this show, I think. But this way is faster."

Linden: "Yes. I really do not see anyone complaining. In any case, I have discovered psychically that you are holding onto the Elevator Footage as a way of keeping leverage over your girlfriend, in case she decides to sacrifice you for one of the eighteen sketchy things you people are constantly doing."
Roberta: "Your psychic powers are pretty accurate."
Linden: "They also tell me you were not on the 10th Floor that night, which means this is a win/win for you to give us the next clue. The show will continue to amble aimlessly toward its season finale, and you will stop collaborating with the psycho that broke your hand."
Roberta: "Again I would have to say that's pretty accurate."


Darren: "I have to go talk to a strange person in this shack. Stay with the car."
Driver Jerry: "It is my job."

Linden: "Death Proof 564-TB0 pulled into the casino parking lot at 12:58 AM. Its driver is obscured."

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The Killing




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