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How Grief Protects Itself

Holder: "So we're ruling out a Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls scenario."

She's just smoking now. It kind of makes them bros, both of them smoking like they're outside an AA meeting the entire time, and that's nice. But it's also sad to see her losing thing after thing after thing. Which I guess is the point of the entire show.

Holder: "On here it says Gwen was supposed to have dinner with City Councilmember Ruth Yitanes, a real broad kind of a lady, at the Lake Union Yacht Club."
Linden: "Then we will behave as though we are trained detectives, for once, and endeavor to discover why that dinner was cancelled."
Holder: "Meanwhile, what's Jamie's alibi? Homeboy went home to his grandfather, the inspiring Ted Wright himself, that nobody knew he lived with until just now. Oh, and PS, Jamie tried to get into the City Hall gymnasium at 4:37 AM that night, and he didn't have his keycard."
Linden: "Perhaps this Killing is related to that keycard I have been talking nonstop about since way back when The Grind With Eric Nies was still on the air, after all."


Richmond: "Guess what, I've got a million weird rituals and tics and superstitions related to election days. Probably that's true for everybody in politics, but somehow it seems particularly Darren-esque that this entire day is going to be spent praying to my OCD gods."
Barber: "It was really cool how you committed suicide that time. I hope it helps you win the Sad Old Bastard vote."
Richmond: "A key demographic in the City Without Sun. Or Smiles."


Holder: "Well, Ted Wright said Jamie was home all night. Maybe he was lyin', maybe he was truthin'. Oh, and I spoke to that Yitanes broad and she made some off-color jokes and then did a shot of bourbon, so I guess we can go talk to her."
Linden: "After we visit the casino and notice all the random clues scattered around that only my intuition can properly analyze. Right now, I will be scaring the pee out of a temp that works at City Hall."

Linden: "Young man, I am a police. You will tell me about keycards now. I will be mean and rude the entire time, even if you are very nice to me."
(This occurs.)
Young Man: "The two material facts I will eventually tell you are that firstly, my list of keycard owners was deleted the first business day after Rosie's murder. The second one is, that was also the day that Gwen Eaton asked for a new keycard."

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