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Yitanes slaps down a paper on Richmond's desk and wonders why he told the press she's still considering endorsing him. He tells her he has a proposition... for her husband. He gets down to brass tacks, telling her that he'll scratch her back if she'll scratch his. Yitanes is at once disappointed and amused that Richmond has decided to play with the big boys.

High school. The phone Mr. Ahmed confiscated vibrates in his desk drawer. He opens up a file overlaid with loud metal music and looks distressed.

Out in the parking lot, Kris skates up to Jasper and punches him in the face, screaming, "They know we were at the dance, huh? You told them!" He says once again, "They know," then skates off. Pan down to the road below, where Holder and Linden are watching the scene unfold. Linden is certain that Rosie wouldn't have gone into The Cage with Kris. She must have gone with Jasper, only they can't pick up Jasper for questioning because they have nothing against him. Then her phone rings, and they have to respond to whatever Mr. Ahmed saw on the phone.

Larsen house. Stan tells Mitch he has dinner covered as he makes another night's worth of chocolate chip pancakes. He tells her to take a relaxing bath before dinner. She heads off. Stan puts down the plate of pancakes and notices that Tommy has set a fifth place at the dinner table. Tommy quickly snatches up the plate, but Stan says it's okay and to leave it. The boys settle down for dinner as Mitch settles into her bath. She submerges herself completely in the water, waiting to see if fate will take her like it took Rosie. But survival instinct kicks in. She surfaces, gasping for air and dissolving into sobs.

SPD. Linden and Holder see what Mr. Ahmed found on the student's phone. It's a video of Rosie in The Cage. The guy in the devil mask throws her down on the bed and takes her from behind. He stands up and removes the devil mask. It's Jasper, with a self-satisfied look on his face. The camera turns around to show Kris. He passes the camera off to Jasper and heads over to have sex with Rosie, too. The boss tells Linden and Holder to arrest the boys.

Meanwhile, Yitanes formalizes her endorsement of Richmond as Jamie leaves the campaign for good.

Across town, the Larsen men eat dinner while Mitch breathes in desperately.

Back at the station, Linden watches the video obsessively, looking for clues to how Rosie got in that room and how she was taken out.

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