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The Pied Piper victim we chased all over town was half-dead when we found her, but either way she's not Kallie, and Bullet's starting to lose faith. Linden's still trying to exonerate Seward for the murders, which isn't going great, although he's going through some pretty tough stuff on Death Row that could turn out beneficial... spiritually at least. Pastor Mike continues to be sketchy as hell. Kallie's mom Danette has figured out that Joe Mills was the last person to see her daughter -- a pornographer and client of child prostitutes, and all kinds of other things that were pretty obvious to everybody but her until the last possible second -- while Team Linden has started to piece together his rather baroque MO, which still seems like a separate sexual debacle, sure, but could also lead them to Kallie, who is at least still alive. (Plus it would make Bullet happy, so it's actually important on multiple levels.)


Due to being a total crackhead, it is difficult for Danette Leeds to immediately garner the respect necessary for the desk cop to give her his full attention. Especially when she speaks in traumatized, crazy half-sentences that we only understand because we were there: "He's got my daughter's cellphone and he's taken her somewhere Joe Mills, Joe Mills, you guys are looking for him I got a card, okay I got a card, the Detective she gave me a card and she told me to call her if I had anything..."

Desk: "Ma'am! Stop for a second, Jesus. Are you drunk or high or something?"
Danette: "Why, what do you take me for! I am just a ratchet looking person babbling in the middle of the night trying to show you scraps of paper. Call Sarah Linden."
Desk: "Ohhhhhh. Gotcha. One of those. Look, I'm trying to be nice? But my bullshit needs have already been met tonight. So you are gonna need to sit down, as instructed."
Danette: "Good one-liner! But I am too crazy for wordplay. I think instead of sitting down I am going to scream Sarah Linden over and over until you arrest me."
Desk: "Done. Dunzo. You got it."


Is the name of the veterinarian victim, the one with no finger. She is awake and talking. It is a study in the differences of law enforcement philosophy between our two leads.

Angie: "So he said, Get in back. The old Twitcheroo. And but then he didn't come back there, he just made me sit on plastic -- which I didn't notice immediately at the time, but probably should have -- and then started talking about how he was going to save me."

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The Killing




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