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To make amends for her part in Linden's kidnapping, Bullet tracked down the only surviving victim of the Pied Piper, Angie Gower. But before she could give Holder the killer's identity she was murdered, which led to an attack on Carl Reddick and a bender, which luckily ended in the prison yard during the last hours of Ray Seward's life.


Sarah runs. Her breath is ragged, like it was last night; when she breathed along with Seward and watched him die. Now, with Joe Mills in prison for the Pied Piper killings, it's the only thing she's running from.

She is always finding new places on her island, things she's never seen before.

There's a lone tree, out in a clearing. It doesn't look like a larch, but it does look like a message. She stands underneath its boughs, like a woman in a thunderstorm, and she says goodbye.

Once it was raining, at night. She was running from something, then, and she found a farm full of the dead and dying. One beast was sick, dying. She shot it through the head. She kept running, all the way home.

Sarah was like Adrian, she lived in a house that was always on fire. Sarah was like Mike Sheehan, she wore herself to the bone for children no one loved. Sarah was like Ray Seward, she held herself in silence because the world demands no less. Now she runs.


Now that it's over, Skinner can come to her. Sad, quiet in the morning on her porch.

They can nod and say it's over: She did everything she could for Ray Seward. James was so sympathetic, in the end; it was a surprise, to see him admit that their victory wasn't a victory, that all the accolades and professional success it brought them weren't untainted.

Her house is nearly empty of the things people need: Food, air. She offers him coffee. He notices she's still got the files out, and his head cocks to the side.

"He will remember," she says. "Someday." And then we will know where the monsters are.

"My wife asked me to leave, I think it's really over. She says I keep secrets, that she doesn't know me anymore."

Her heart doesn't leap, exactly. It beats.

"She's right," he admits. "I don't tell her anything. Haven't been able to for years. She doesn't want to know about a kid our daughter's age I pulled from a pond with her... neck sliced open, half-eaten by animals... So I just tell her I'm fine, you know, I'm just moving up the ladder, and... I mean, we talk about retirement. Buying a boat. But I don't want to buy a boat, and I don't want to retire."

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The Killing




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