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It's good to have girls around. Women. She can't believe the generosity; she knows where it's coming from. The kindness of the offer and the kindness of her thanks. Maybe they will see each other again, and maybe they won't: Their only connection is Bullet, not Kallie, and Bullet's dead. But it's not Mitch, begging for a replacement. Danette's too much like the Jungle girls for that. And if she sees some clothes around the place, if Lyric ever comes by maybe she will offer those too. It won't be begging, it'll be goodbye.

Back home Twitch goes digging in a jacket for a lighter, and finds a little baggie. Ray Seward, he knew they'll get you whether you did it or not, if getting you is what they want to do. He was clean for months before it happened; what he learned is that there's no real reward for staying clean. Get clean, they'll only want to hurt you twice as much.

But in this house, it still smells new. If you weren't doing it for the reward, if you weren't doing it to finish out your probation, why would you do it? Why stay clean, if it doesn't matter? That's the trick of getting back: Writing it on yourself, every morning, before you take a breath.

He misses her, too.


It's awkward, when Stephen comes back to the office: Reddick's there, cleaning up his stuff, moving to new digs. Partnered with Jablonski, the one nobody wants, Fat Hitler Jablonski that lies in wait to ruin Reddick's pristine record.

"I was out of my mind," Stephen tries to explain, but he knows.
"Don't think you're not still a dick," Reddick grins, and warns him never to show up again at his house. His wife filed a formal complaint with Skinner, but Reddick called off the dogs.

"Guess I'm old school. Cops don't rat on cops. You can thank my TO for that."


They're formally charging Joe Mills this afternoon; Skinner's riding high, filling up boxes, clearing everything out.

"Looks like I'm gonna be keeping this office for a little while. I'll be cherry-picking the big cases, the headline makers... I couldn't have done it without you."

Sarah smiles. She likes it. Coming to work, seeing him, going out to see cases. That whole year on the water she tried so hard to be Regi: Humble work for a humble woman, not smoking. Making a home for one person seemed barely doable, much less a home for two, but she tried. Maybe the reason she failed at it, came back, fell down the hole, was because she was asking the wrong question. Maybe somewhere between Skinner and herself was the truth: Not hating any single part of herself, but containing it all. Finding a way to be whole, without hiding.

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