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Count To Five

"This morning I was thinking about how you used to sing in the car. All the time. Same song, for days, under your breath. Used to drive me crazy. I missed it. You don't do that anymore?"

Before they found Adrian, he means. Before the world cracked open. She can barely remember being that woman.

"Holder's missing out," he grins, and she loves it.

"You know, um... I'm gonna be at the lake for the next... For a few days. Why don't you cut out early, pack a bag? Come and join me for the weekend?"

She would love to; she hums but does not sing, and shakes her head.

"We caught a body. Burned up... It's gonna be hard to even get an ID."

But he wants to take her away, to the lake. Away from all this death.

"Why don't you just give it to someone else, Sarah? Use the rest, use some time by the lake. I'll build a fire, get some wine..."

Holder walks into something that buzzes like bees, and shivers.

"Sorry, sorry. The coroner's got something for us..."

Skinner shakes his head. He knows she has to go. This girl needs to be identified. The story needs an ending. Count to five.


Holder loves it, laughs until his belly hurts as they drive.

"You and the bossman! Going to the lake, making a fire... I don't gotta be my sleuth par excellence to see that the cat's got the hand in the jelly jar. And it ain't the first time, neither!"

She begs him to stop laughing; she begs him to continue. Through his eyes she looks like a woman. His dirty jokes are her applause, for a life well-begun. "Don't look at me like that!" she chuckles, begging him to look like that forever, to stick her in place, to call her "1-900" again.

"You are a human being! You're actual flesh and blood! I'm just as surprised as you are!"

She cuts clever eyes at him, finished with the joke. "You jealous?"

She is proud of him for smiling again.


Danette stands on the bridge, where Bullet told her Kallie loved to be. She wonders who Kallie was, briefly. A couple of young girls walk by -- it's good to have girls around -- and their private laughter turns her body around to face the water.

She counts to five, with her eyes closed. When she opens them, Kallie's gone.

Out on the street, Lyric wonders what she'll do, when a car drives up alongside. That sound of the engine, purring, pacing you. She knows to look into their eyes, now, and see what's looking back.

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The Killing




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