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I'm sorry to say it, but Darren's hair has finally given up the ghost. It only took five days, but he now has that equal-lengths dandelion buzz-cut you often see on the porches of your finer halfway houses and outpatient facilities. Of all the disappointments and failures among these very human characters, I must admit this one took me by surprise.

Darren: "I better watch some TV and sigh intermittently. Oh, a cop show! Nothing better than a mystery getting solved in an hour, am I right? Hey, I hope nothing happens that reactivates my... Gunshots! Who would have predicted."

Darren wheels himself down the hallway and back to the elevator, but balks at the number of people already onboard who will be standing too close to his shame. An orderly holds the door open for him -- "Room for one more!" -- and Darren gets on, but on the next floor it fills up, and it's very poignant: To be the only seated man in the center of a big old elevator of people, all of whom have their own private tragedies melting them down, all of whom have now mentally checked you off in their heads as Wheelchair Guy, and now everybody including you is thinking about how, when your floor comes up, you're going to have to speak up and say, "That's me," and then everybody has to pretend it's totally not annoying that they have to get out of your way, and that's going to be your life forever: The lonely hot Wheelchair Man with the formerly proud hair, now forever adrift in a sea of butts.


Alexi's still so sleepy! Too bad for him Holder's got him first: He yells at him about all kinds of things, names breakfast items he can't have for awhile, and then -- getting nowhere -- he finally takes away Alexi's chair and throws it in the hallway. Alexi just sort of smirks and stares at the wall about Holder's bad-cop act, which just makes him act bad-copper!

Carlson: "Linden, summarize all the evidence linking Alexi to the murder."
Linden: "Done. But Superior, I am watching Holder interrogate the suspect. Please do not distract me with your talking and confusing social queues."
Carlson: "Linden, you have eight hours with this kid. He better be our Doer, because I am tired of all this red-herring stuff."
Linden: "Superior, the boy has not requested representation and therefore we shall hold him 24 hours."
Carlson: "No, because this counts as holding him overnight."

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