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All You Are Is In the Way
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Twitch's probation officer was a good dude who wanted him to think hard about his choices, or so it seemed. Kallie's mom's boyfriend was the proud driver of a truck, or so it seemed. Lyric's last john was the kind of dude who cared about the welfare of his underage hookers, or so it seemed. Grace Zabriskie was her normal kind of crazy and not the kind that has secret rooms and hidden panels for kiddie-porn making, or so it seemed. Goldie came off like a real piece of garbage rapist, but that part is true.


Kallie's unable to answer when the Mysterious Voice asks her whether she is a virgin, I guess because what a thing to ask a hooker. It's just mean, really. But then you realize he is on some next-level shit when he goes, Why are you crying, little girl? Ugh. Please just don't be Joe Mills. Don't let beautiful Joe Mills be one more thing Seattle takes away, along with sunshine.

Holder: "So in addition to all the other horrific things that are always happening to you, do you know who this porn man is?"
Bullet: "I do not. I have heard that sometimes we are offered the chance to do these things, but not Kallie. She would never make a porn tape -- just have sex for money in the moment, you understand."
Holder: "And yet clearly you see before you, Kallie here on this..."
Bullet: "Do you know that old motel? Of the crazy old bitch?"
Holder: "Ah, yes. I am aware of this place. This is where the movies are made?"

So while they're perseverating on this Voice of the porn man, how maybe or what if it is Goldie -- which it isn't, but nobody knows that's impossible quite yet -- Bullet notices that the ring she stole for Lyric, and then gave to Kallie, is in the video, which means this video was made after Bullet realized she was missing, which was three days ago. It was the last thing that happened, actually, if you recall. So apparently that is enough for a search warrant of the Crazy Old Bitch Motel. And then this, amazingly, happens, so fast you might miss it:

Bullet: "You think she's at Mama Dips'?"
Holder: "You go home, Bullet."
Bullet: "...?"

What a thing to say. "Oh right, you have no home. Because you are homeless. It is your main thing." He recovers quickly, makes it about their burgeoning affection, he's like, "Just wait here exactly for me, and I promise that I will come back specifically to you."

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The Killing




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