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All You Are Is In the Way

So they beat him forever and ever while Bullet just watches, and -- I'd imagine -- thinks about how much of a drag this is, since he's a douchebag and she only cares insofar as he is Lyric's quote-unquote boyfriend, and because of that ineffable thing she saw on his drugged-out face before. But since she is a good guy, is swiftly coming to these conclusions about his day so far, she doesn't even take umbrage when they all start calling each other queers and swinging their skateboards around in the air and whatever.

I have sympathy for the rough day he is having, but I also think that if you want your face to be your career, which is literally all the kid has ever said out of his mouth is that he wants to be a model or actor, you should treat it with more kindness and care than putting it in places where it will be beaten bloody, or go around requesting to be curbstomped in such unequivocal ways. Once you realize that your dream is to be a surgeon, for example, that kind of means you should give up your hobby of smashing your hands with giant rocks. Everything is a give and take in this world.


Skinner: "I especially like the part where Goldie, the limping teenage rapist pimp, makes us seem like the bad guys just because we keep arresting him for no reason."
Holder: "If you think about it, Reddick, this is all kind of your fault. Our secret serial killer is now the most interesting thing in the world to everybody."
Skinner: "Oh, and they're all calling our unsub the Pied Piper now. Clever. And any traction I was getting in repairing my career is now getting reamed out of me by the chief of police. My whole day is going pretty bad. Not as bad as some, but whatever."

Linden: "I met this girl Tiffany, who was in one of the tapes..."
Reddick: "Then I guess the tapes don't necessarily point to our killer..."
Linden: "Yes, we already knew that because there was only one connection out of the seventeen, but thank you for paying attention. In any case, I think she has more to tell. She may even be protecting the filmmaker, just like Mama Dips but probably for even more insane reasons."
Holder: "Can I go with you to talk to her about it?"
Reddick: "Don't! I'm turning this into a random line in the sand!"

She's been having this conversation with a very quiet Holder, pretending that Reddick doesn't exist, but finally she has had enough.

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The Killing




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