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All You Are Is In the Way

"Carl, why are you still here? What are you doing here? I mean really, haven't you ever wondered why you never made Sergeant? I'll tell you why. Because 23 years of experience, and all you are is in the way."

Reddick: "That was very rude. She is correct, but I can't imagine that being true, so I'm going to assume that she is losing her mind and go tattle to Skinner about it."
Holder: "It's getting harder and harder to remember all your good qualities. Or even just that you can be charming."

They are both so happy to be together and finally working a witness together that they almost bust out laughing right there in the car. But because Seattle is a place that has no room for joy -- it is not even in the dictionary there, it's just a smoking infected hole in the page where that word goes -- they do not. You just silently feel what their laughter would sound like.


Lyric: "That pretty face has gone to hell."
Twitch: "Now I'll never be a teen model!"
Lyric: "I will spend all of my money on first aid and popsicles because we are children."
Twitch: "Anything but orange flavor."
Lyric: "Man, this show is depressing."

The closed-captioning, as if in silent agreement, calls this sound they are making "smooching."

Bullet: "No shit. I'm standing right here, by the way, while you make out. Just silently being in love and bummed out."
Twitch: "Whether or not this is a performance of me not caring or I actually don't care, I beg you to understand that I am about to fuck my girlfriend for the same reason I went to that park to get my ass kicked. Did you ever think about how gerrymandered my sexuality already is, and then I let this dude fuck me for free? I deserve a popsicle at least."


Linden: "Look at these pictures of dead girls with their heads cut off."
Tiffany: "It's not very pleasant, of all the activities there are."
Linden: "Look at them until they burn into your brain and you become activated with the fire of justice. It is how I start my morning each day."
Tiffany: "I don't know if you heard, but life is cheap."
Linden: "Each of these girls made a porno with that same person. Maybe you were not ever special, or maybe it is because you got old and fat."
Tiffany: "I'm pregnant, you halfwit."

Holder hits her with some flirtatious gangsta things that are just wholly embarrassing to think about or relate -- "you got it goin' on girl!" -- to you in detail, but he is still Stephen Holder to look at, so eventually it works, and she spontaneously realizes that she was exploited, and before you know it she is taking night classes, learning about computers, thinking of maybe becoming a paralegal, and she abruptly turns on the filmmaker. The auteur, the documentarian. The taxi driver. Aw, nuts.

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The Killing




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