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All You Are Is In the Way

Holder: "Your single-minded devotion to covering up things that should not be covered up is like admirable, if that were a thing that could be admirable, but as it is mostly it just doesn't make sense. Acting like I'm the Viet Cong over here, just humbly trying to figure out if a girl got her head cut off yet. You are only seeming more and more crazy."
Dibs: "You're only seeming more and more crazy. Fuck you! Go get me a Diet Coke and a go fuck yourself, Blondie. Let's make a little video right now, how about that. Are you a virgin?"
Holder: "This is some next level shit."
Dibs: "You are not my supervisor!"

Linden: "This bitch is old and crazy."
Reddick: "So let's follow Goldie around like we keep failing to do."
Linden: "You are betting on him for no other reason than that you found those tapes and he is a horrible limping rapist. That does not make him a serial killer, Detective. Why does no one care about the truth?"
Reddick: "Okay but I'm just going to follow Goldie around."
Linden: "Then I shall go say egregiously offensive shit to Kallie's mother, in my typical oblivious fashion."

Holder: "Carl, I know that you love me and I love you too, but please stop being so awful to Sarah Linden. I adore her."
Reddick: "But I have to be jealous and mean and obstructive! You are my protégé!"
Holder: "I know but you just need to understand that I will turn on you in one second. I don't mind ruining my own career and I won't care about bringing you down with me. Not with Linden back in the picture. Not once my transformation is complete."

Holder: "Bullet, do you want some baby carrots? I have food issues, they crop up a lot."
Bullet: "I prefer to eat mainly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated trans fats, by and large."
Holder: "Did you know that rabbits have three eyelids?"
Bullet: "Yes because I took a zoology class at my boarding school, before whatever happened. Back before we both became Slim Shady."
Holder: "Eat some carrots. I worry. You are, in some ways, even more feral than my best friend Sarah Linden. And her ass is straight crazy."
Bullet: "I will care for myself to the degree that I am able. Twitch, on the other hand, will not fare well in this episode at all. The bell tolls not for me, Stephen Holder."

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The Killing




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