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Linden: "Human hairdresser. You work without licensure or permit, here in this trailer."
Danette: "I have a bad attitude for you, free of charge."
Linden: "Did you know there is a serial killer and your daughter is a homeless with about a thousand problems that make her a perfect victim? Each of which are visible from a hundred yards? Starting with Amanda Bynes piercings in her face? Can I see her dental records?"
Danette: "Oh yes, let me get them from the china hutch where I keep them next to our fine china and loose diamonds we like to keep around."
Linden: "What I was trying not to say right away is that she is a hooker."
Danette, verbatim: "It's just a phase. She'll grow out of it!"

I like to think that as a parent I would be pretty laid back. But damn.

Linden: "Sit your motherfucking negligent ass down and watch this pornographic tape your daughter was forced to make by a mysterious person that Jacob has already figured out who it is."
Danette: "That doesn't sound like a good time to me."
Linden: "What about the name Goldie? Nothing? Bullet said Kallie was headed here because she couldn't get a bed at Beacon..."
Danette: "I was with my boyfriend. She knocked, but I wouldn't let her in."
Linden: "There is a special place in Hell reserved just for you."
Danette: "Because that was the last thing that happened between us before her disappearance?"
Linden: "No, just because it happened."

And it's what your mother did to you, Sarah, and basically what you did to Jack.

But I feel like it's a clue, that Danette was with her boyfriend at the time of Kallie going all over town getting into trouble but not murdered because guess who her boyfriend is, and so what else did she get up to that night, between knocking on the door here and then later going to that motel to yell in the parking lot and make movies with the same guy again?

I think probably what happened is that she took the ferry over to the Indian casino so she could look out a window, and then a mayoral candidate's assistant knocked her out and put her in a car trunk, let her out, chased her around the woods for a while before putting her back in the car trunk, but then an Internet escort -- who was also coincidentally a relative -- pushed that car into a swamp. I bet that's what happened. Spoiler alert.

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