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All You Are Is In the Way

Linden: "The mother is incorrect. Kallie has been missing since that time. She left from there and then somehow also made this porn."
Caroline: "You need to let all the johns and junkies you got in your raid of that motel go. The DA is focusing on Mama Dips."

Reddick: "In Goldie news because I am still all about Goldie because this show is all about going after the right people for the wrong reason and vice versa, he started his busy career of raping when he was 15."
Linden: "Not that he has any connection to the dead girls."
Reddick: "I just hate you."

While poring over screengrabs of the porn girls, Linden notices Caroline and Holder being romantic. She loves it! It truly is adorable. But she is a multitasker: One of the young ladies in the screengrabs actually is a dead girl after all. This is only irritating to Reddick because he doesn't really care about Kallie or the dead girls or anything except winning some vague victory over Linden -- and then it is time to go see what Goldie is up to.


Becker is not at all happy when he sees Seward cautiously and then sorta hysterically bonding with Talking Man over the many scars of his body. It seems he was sentenced to Adult Gen Pop when he was 16, the first time he went to jail and his father first beat him up with a baseball bat in order to be a man before he went to jail. I do not know the ways of jail but I do like to think, again as a parent, that I would give my child other life skills than "able to get beat up with a baseball bat."


I don't know what kind of a prostitute Twitch was before today, but apparently this incident with the PO was enough to send him straight back to the smack. Few things are more uncomfortable than watching someone do heroin, especially if they are already having a bad day, and this show loves few things more than splashing around in ghastly meditations, so we watch that for a while. I think that the smaller your world is, the more importance you place on whatever identity you've cobbled together, which is good in most cases because it keeps your alive, but can also be bad. First because every problem started out as a solution, and this is how; but also because once that goes sour, and it always does, then you're the problem: Everything that you think you are is standing in the way of the person you'd be better off being.

I have a friend -- a friend-of-a-friend, I guess, but he's close with my two closest friends -- a born hustler, and every time I see him I can see him trying to figure out what I want from him, or what we can do for each other. I don't want anything from him, I just like him, but it's not like you can explain that to a hustler, so I know it gets confusing in each other's orbits. And this specific thing that these kids are dealing with is something I've been thinking about all week: How you start out choosing to give people what they want, and it's so easy to let that just become you. You drop out the middle step where you're making a choice to do it -- maybe out of a genuine desire to be less cynical even -- but then that choice becomes what you are. And that is terrifying to me, this idea of just Xing yourself out of the equation altogether and becoming the person who makes other people happy, or performs for other people, that your value would come out of that. I mean, I'm probably particularly not like that, but it's the kind of void I can't look into for all that long.

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