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All You Are Is In the Way

Bullet: "Oh great, and now you are doing heroin."
Twitch: "Bullet, please do not give me your usual hell today. I am unprepared for it."
Bullet: "I was planning on yelling at you for buying drugs with all of Lyric's money, but I see that you are really upset."

Realizing that he is not going to be able to fully enjoy his heroin, Twitch lurches out into the street and Bullet follows him, her whole Mama Bear thing overriding the fact that by any measure Twitch is even more useless than Lyric, who is already just super useless. Or maybe she saw it on his face, that same thing. Maybe she recognized it. I don't like to think that, but it isn't necessarily stigmatizing: There are a million ways to get broken.


Vice Cop: "I enjoy my job, but one part of my job I don't enjoy that much is having to watch all of this kiddie porn all the time."
Linden: "Do you know any of these girls or this strange Voice? Because I already connected at least one person to the string of murders."
Vice: "Wait, this one girl Tiffany. She's a piece of work."


Really is a piece of work. At first you think she's like, a bad actress, or she is on drugs or something, but eventually you figure out that all of her affectations are a total choice and that she's actually coming off super crazy because she is super crazy. In the time since the Voice made her porno video with her, she has had a million children and is currently pregnant, smoking cigarettes and also a hooker. You know it's bad when Sarah Linden is giving your life choices the side-eye.

Linden: "But who is the Voice?"
Tiffany: "I don't know, he was nice and white and short. He said I reminded him of Rihanna."
Linden: "That is too easy of a joke. Also, that was a lie. You should be less susceptible to flattery in your line of work. What happened after the movie?"
Tiffany: "He offered me his fries."

You know who would do that? Joe Mills. You know who is short? Joe Mills. I have a bad feeling about this! Man, and things were going so well up to this point. I was really hoping there would be a happy ending.


Reddick: "You know, I really don't think that Linden has a head for sex murders."
Holder: "You think about this a lot. You talk about it a hella lot. It does not make me feel as loved as you think it does. Mostly it makes me not like you so much."

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The Killing




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