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All You Are Is In the Way

Reddick: "You are putting your career in her hands! Not my hands!"
Holder: "My career is in no hands but my own. And those of the fickle fate that follows Sarah Linden everywhere she goes. The ill wind she represents."

Goldie offers chase, with a random lady -- do any of them really think it's Kallie? -- in his car. They drive and drive, toward the Dead Girl Swamp, and then he randomly gets out and addresses all the news vans and people that are there. Turns out Goldie is pretty smart:

"Yo! I got an official announcement. My name is Goldie Willis. This is my moms, and I'm not a serial killer. Goldie Willis ain't no Pied Piper, leading little girls to their death. They're not even telling you about this other girl that's missing, that could be in the hands of the real killer right now..."


Well, everybody goes apeshit. First of all, what a good name for this serial killer. There are so many things to appreciate about Goldie! Too bad they are outweighed by all the other things about Goldie. Kallie's mom is so dissociated that -- while he is on the TV literally talking about her dead and tortured missing daughter -- she is painting her toenails, and answering a phone call from her boyfriend: Turns out he didn't come by last night like he said he would, he stood her up in fact, but I don't know if that's important because the timeline is already making my eyes cross.


Becker: "Another thing I don't like is that Seward is making friends with his fellow Death Row inmate! I have to ruin everything all the time! How did it go with his antibiotics?"
Henderson: "Just fine, I guess? You are really fixated on it so I will not tell you the truth of the matter, which is that I don't have the dedication necessary to wage a war of wills -- with the strongest person on this show, besides Linden -- about something I don't care about and nobody really cares about except you, and now him."
Becker: "Come home with me so my weird MILF wife can be all weird on you. We will drink beer, even after you feel uncomfortable."
Henderson: "That sounds awful, but not as awful as going home where my wife and child are. She keeps asking what it's like at work, and if I think about that I will kill myself."


Gets all Ratso Rizzo on a car in the street, and then heads to meet a drug dealer at some dangerous park run by a person named Tank. It is very curious, all these names that they have. Bullet is not supportive of this plan because Tank will not suffer Twitch to live, but I don't really know the details. Twitch is feeling self-destructive on several levels, leave it at that as far as the logistics. I do get why Twitch would do this, offer himself up to violence in this way, but it has to do with guy things and I don't know that I would really have the words to explain it.

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The Killing




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