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Ferry Tale
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Previously on musical suspects: Richmond took a $5 million shot. Mitch ID'd the pink Grand Canyon T-shirt as Rosie's, then found Rosie's in the laundry. The key found on Rosie didn't fit her locker, so Holder suspected she had a secret lockbox somewhere. Linden found a note in Rosie's Quran that said, "Adela, Friday 11:45." Mitch guilted Stan into beating the crap out of Ahmed.

We open on a shot of broken glasses and a broken body lying in the rain. We pan up to the face to see it's Ahmed, looking as good as dead. Abrupt cut to Mitch leaving Stan yet another message urging him to call her back. He shows up then, and she says she's been calling and calling. Then she sees the blood all over his hands and even on his face. She shows him the pink Grand Canyon shirt she found in the laundry, meaning the shirt Ahmed has wasn't hers. Mitch is clearly regretting going Lady Macbeth on Stan.

SPD. Linden and Holder fill their boss in on the latest development: Muhammed and Ahmed are innocent of murder (though they kidnapped a girl, that's not really the business of this homicide team). Their boss says that's too bad since Ahmed's in critical condition after someone beat him half to death. Holder looks at Linden, who puts her face in her hands. Credits.

Stan watches Denny and Tommy sleep, as Mitch stands in the doorway watching him. He walks toward her, then right by her without speaking.

SPD. Holder looks defeated and gets up to leave, but Linden's not ready to do that. She starts throwing things around, and says she never should have talked to the Larsens about Ahmed. Holder says it's not her fault; he was a good suspect, since he lied to them several times and seemed shady. If he'd been straight, things would have been different. Linden points out that "different" in this case could mean he'd be in jail for kidnapping a minor. Holder says he feels bad about it, too, but he's not going to let himself lose sleep over it and Linden shouldn't either. He asks if she's coming. She says she is, and gets up to leave. But first she gets a call telling her that Stan Larsen turned himself in.

Stan gets patted down and felt up by a guy wearing blue rubber gloves. They fingerprint him, take his mug shot, and he changes into an orange jumpsuit. Then they shackle his feet like he's a hardened criminal and lead him to jail. Lights out. Man, that's depressing. Although, is it really any more depressing than the life he's been leading with Mitch?

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The Killing




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