The Killing

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Sarah, When The Walls Fell

Ho: "I have an idea. Why don't you give me your money, and then we'll see what happens next?"
Holder: "It's not that you don't seem trustworthy -- you do -- but I'd really like to know where you're taking me. For our lovemaking, I mean."
Ho: "Tenth floor..."
Holder: "-- Oh, would you look at that! I have reached orgasm. Well, this was fun. Although between us, I think you should really consider safer sex a job requirement, rather than simply a suggestion."

Holder takes off, with a minimum of shoving away the ongoing intensity of the young fellow's onslaught.

Ho: "You don't even know my name!"
Holder: "Learn computers! Go to night school!"


Holder has a little trouble getting up that high: Looks like nine and then the stairs. They're watching. The door at the top of the stairwell is, of course, both locked and heavy-duty. He has a little tantrum, to be honest.

As Linden's getting her badge and gun back from Roberta and the thugs, and getting the hell away from the whole deal, Holder tries to chill himself out with some Pez, but finally lights up a cigarette. Indoors! Continuing the illusion of being gross, I guess.

Eventually he's joined in the elevator by that maid from earlier. Without looking, she passes him a book of matches and then, as the doors are closing on whatever floor, she swiftly turns and says, "I hope Rosie's family got her backpack okay..." And then, like they do, she is gone. The matches have a handwritten clue inside -- 11 AM TOMORROW -- but, as luck would have it, the doors open again, on a bunch of Roberta's flacks.

Goons: "Heard you were looking for a party..."

Linden: "My intuitive powers are telling me we are fucked. I hope you get this message telling you to get the hell out of that casino."


Child: "I'm pretty normal."
Terry: "I'm feeling snappy anyway! Prepare your pumpkins for carving!"
Child: "Did a million people come by today to bother you? Were they cops? Because Terry got visited by cops last episode, at our school."
Stan: "I'd like to know more. Boys, go upstairs."

Stan: "What's up?"
Terry: "My boyfriend Michael, that kicked me out. They were asking about him."
Stan: "Which connects to Rosie how?"
Terry: "Um, he's Jasper's father?"
Stan, scary: "No seriously, what's the connection?"

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The Killing




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