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Sarah, When The Walls Fell

Terry, crying: "We happened to meet through Beau Soleil."
Stan: "So wait, you're a..."
Terry: "Yeah, I kind of thought you would get blue-collar menacing about it."
Stan: "Well, here I go. Consider yourself thrown out of this house. Pack up your crystal goblets and leave."
Terry: "I'm not saying she was a prostitute, I'm just saying that she has the internet. And that I am a prostitute."

Things get swiftly dangerous; Terry leaves immediately.


Linden's harassing Coworker about the burial grounds-slash-butterfly convention center where her day got so scary, so she doesn't see the cop-looking guys outside her motel room chatting up her son until she is quite close. She goes, of course, apeshit.

Guys: "Officers Miller and Flynn at your services. Your Child Protective Services."
Linden: "Well, ain't this a bitch. Like getting the bejesus scared out of me on the reservation wasn't bad enough, I got ghost stories and Holder's missing and now this? This obvious thing that should be happening ten times every episode?"
CPS: "Can we come in your house and rummage through all your shit please, ma'am? And do you seriously live here?"
Linden: "Today, yeah. Why are you here, though?"
CPS: "The entire state of Washington and everybody who has ever seen this show gave us a call today, ma'am. Alleging neglect."
Linden: "Sure, I'm just going to shut this door in your face..."
CPS: "Ma'am, that is not going to help at all."
Linden: "Worth a shot."

Attempts to enliven the rez cops taking him into custody with his customary aplomb and gentle racism, but they remain uncharmed and more than a little rough, frankly.

CPS: "How long did you leave your kid here alone, today?"
Sarah: "Like three hours? He's thirteen, it's not a huge deal."
CPS: "And why is it so messy in here?"
Sarah: "Trust me, this is nothing. I told him not to let the maid in."
CPS: "Why would you do that?"
Sarah: "I don't have an answer for that. Authority doesn't usually throw me, but this is basically my worst nightmare coming true and also my childhood, all at the same time. I'm not really in a place where I can explain my conspiracy theories on top of it."
CPS: "Okay, just so you know, we're probably going to take your kid away. If we're even CPS agents."

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The Killing




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