The Killing

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Sarah, When The Walls Fell

Holder: "I know that too."


Gwen: "I took the liberty of rescheduling your physical therapy so I could hammer you about your latest PR disaster. It's nice that the Commish apologized for arresting you and getting you paralyzed, but I think we can do better."
Darren: "You know what would really absolve me? If we found the person that killed that little girl."
Jamie: "Yeah, that would really be something if somebody solved that Killing."
Gwen: "We're going to get Stan Larsen to stump for you. I'm going to dangle a lighter sentence for him bashing that teacher that time."

Jamie: "Sucks for the teacher."
Darren: "I don't really care."
Jamie: "You know what else sucks? Clitorectomies."
Darren: "I don't really care about those either right now."

Jamie: "Hey Gwen? Your buddy Ahmed's prosecutor would never go for something like that. I know him, he's a dick."
Gwen: "Yeah, but Stan Larsen doesn't know that."

Jamie's impressed. Except you know who else doesn't know she's lying? Darren Richmond, to whom she just lied. Right?


Sterling: "Mr. Larsen?"
Stan: "Oh, gross."

Sterling: "I just brought Rosie's stuff from her locker. She doesn't need it anymore, because of being dead. And a prostitute."
Stan: "Can you tell me about a shoebox of some kind?"
Sterling: "It's always nice visiting you..."
Stan: "Was she a happy person?"
Sterling: "I guess so? I keep telling you dicks we weren't friends."
Stan: "The last time I saw her she was staring at me all sad, like I wasn't her father or something..."
Sterling: "It physically revolts me to see a giant cry, but I can hold your hand if you want. For a second. Then I have to go."
Stan: "What I need is some kind of horrifying runaway teenage girl that I can latch onto and make inappropriate emotional demands on."
Sterling: "I hear they have those up north."


Linden: "Progeny, this motel is outfitted with the latest in paranoia. You will not leave. Your needs will be met within this suite. Do not go anywhere, do not answer the door. For one time only, you may order lunch from room service. Do not go bananas."
Jack: "Ugh."
Linden: "If the building catches on fire or there is a hurricane warning or the country is overtaken by armed forces of another nation, escape through the bathroom window and seek aid."

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The Killing




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