The Killing

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Sarah, When The Walls Fell

Jack: "Are you being crazy or legitimately freaked out?"
Linden: "You will never know."
Jack: "Then I'm just going to be pissed, okay?"


Holder: "After delivering several handjobs and other favors, I have connected the dots between Ames and the casino. His construction company, the Columbia Domain Fund, got a $50M contract with them -- but the red flag was that it reported a profit of zero."
Linden: "But in our society, labor and goods are exchanged for currency."
Holder: "Weird, right? All it says is hotel/casino renovations."
Linden: "It being a construction company, and all. You will wander the casino, looking as much like a meth addict as possible."
Holder: "Check."

Holder: "And you? What will you be doing?"
Linden: "See this book about butterflies?"
Holder: "You stole that from my dojo!"
Linden: "Coworker, Rosie filmed the butterfly migration out here, at Point Yubec."
Holder: "I don't think it was butterflies that killed Rosie Larsen. Although honestly..."

Linden: "To review the situation with Chief Nicole Jackson. In brief, she has this whole island under her thumb. She's been accused publicly of stealing money from the reservation and pocketing all the casino's profits. My theory, which will of course be wrong, is that Rosie and possibly her camera were privy to something relevant to our visit today."

Linden: "She felt trapped. She had butterflies everywhere in her room. She smoked cigarettes on her roof. 'Mankind will surely not deny to Harold Skimpole what it concedes to the butterflies.' Bleak House."
Holder: "Is it that you think you're the Ghost Whisperer?"
Linden: "My breasts, while impressive, are not..."
Holder: "-- No, I mean, is this why Carlson thinks you're crazy and why you kept that picture in the first place? Because of mind-reading crazy BS like this?"
Linden: "You will exit the vehicle. I will turn to my only friend, gum."

Holder: "Next time you talk to Rosie, could you ask her who killed her?"
Linden: "Somehow, I think, we can presume that I would fuck that up too."

Holder: "I'm serious. Jack is freaking out. And I know you haven't been sleeping. I don't want you to crack up."
Linden: "Prepare for me to act defensive."

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The Killing




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