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Previously: Linden got too attached to another case to the detriment of her own family. Reggie brought up Jack's teenage rebelliousness, and Linden moved herself and her son out of the houseboat. Linden learned that the Adela Rosie was scheduled to meet on Saturday night wasn't a person but a boat that she took to a local Native American casino.

We join Linden at the casino, where a woman is smoking like it's her last day and she's right next to a guy who is hooked up to an oxygen tank, and it might truly be his last day. As she walks through, Linden spots the casino's emblem -- the very same emblem that Rosie had on a key chain she was carrying. She makes her way back to the administrative office, where the casino owner and chief of security give her the cold shoulder. When the chief of security says she was on the floor all Friday night and didn't see Rosie, Linden notes that she never mentioned Friday specifically. The owner says they follow the news. Linden asks to view the security camera footage and is told the tapes are erased every 24 hours. Linden keeps pressing, saying she wants to speak with the customers. This does not sit well with the owner, especially when Linden threatens to haul everyone in to the SPD. The owner takes the game of hardball to the next level, reminding Linden that the casino sits on Native American land and is, therefore, not under the SPD's jurisdiction. Linden will need a federal warrant to get any access whatsoever. With that, Linden is brusquely escorted out of the casino by both the chief of security and one of her goons. She calls the ADA to find out how long it will take to get a warrant for the casino. He tells her a week, but she stumbles on a way to circumvent the red tape: There's an ATM outside the casino. Since the bank owns its ATMs, Linden can survey that footage to confirm Rosie's comings and goings. Credits.

Holder arrives. Linden updates him that she found at least four more ATMs in the casino. Holder remains skeptical that Rosie was even at the casino, but Linden tells him she took the last ferry out on Friday night and would have had no way to return home that night. It's possible she could have returned to Seattle by ferry the next day -- or she could have met her killer at the casino on Friday night. Since some of Rosie's belongings were never recovered, it's entirely possible the perp has them and is still out there, or even in the casino itself. Linden is convinced Rosie's disappearance and death had something to do with the casino.

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The Killing




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