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We Don't Know Jack

When she comes out, Holder tells her he figured out Jack's password: Funyuns. Linden notices some texts sent from a restricted number with whom Jack planned to meet up near his school. She calls the phone company to get the phone number unblocked, but of course they don't oblige her, and she flips out on them. Then she falls off the anti-smoking wagon. As she takes desperate drags, Linden goes through all the worst-case scenarios in her minds. She finally steps out of the car and calls the SPD to put an APB out on Jack.

Around 3 PM, Holder drives Linden back to the hotel. Jack is still not there. She stares around the room silently, then returns to the car. Holder excuses himself to call his sister and tell her he won't be making it to the parade that afternoon. He says it's not like old times and that he has to help a friend in an emergency. "She needs me, you know?" He gets sadder and more helpless sounding as he leaves the message, knowing the possible consequences it'll have for his relationship with his sister and her children. He promises to come by and deliver Davy's birthday present, though he asks her to call him to confirm that it's okay for him to visit. He hangs up, not knowing how far this has set him back. He heads back to car, where Linden asks if everything's okay. He puts on a decidedly feebler version of his swagger, telling her, "It ain't no thang." She thanks him earnestly. And the rain continues to pour all around them.

A bit later, Holder wakes up from having dozed off outside the hotel. He finds Linden smoking another cigarette outside the hotel. She tells him it's 5:10 PM and Jack still hasn't appeared. They get back in the car to search some more. As they drive, Linden tells Holder about growing up in several foster homes around the city. She says the worst part was not knowing where basic things like windows and doors were when you moved from place to place. She reveals that her mother left when she was five years old, and Linden was a ward of the state until she graduated high school. Holder says it's no wonder she "ain't a pro" at being a mom. Naturally it doesn't come out as conciliatory as he means it, and they get into another squabble. Linden brings up that Jack called Holder two days before and takes issue that Holder didn't tell her. Holder tells her it was about something trivial -- boiling hot dogs versus frying them -- so he didn't think it was worth mentioning. She calls him a "vegetarian Jesus freak," and he says, "Whatever, I picked up my phone." She tells him to stop the car so she can get out. She starts walking angrily, chewing her gum fiercely. Holder follows, begging her to get in the car. He apologizes and admits to being an asshole, so she gets in, and they both have a cigarette in silence.

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The Killing




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