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We Don't Know Jack

Night falls as they head to a local park. There's not a kid in sight. Linden reminisces about an evening she spent with Jack there when he was younger. The two of them danced to a radio someone had brought to the park, happy and uncaring what anyone thought. She wonders when things changed -- when Jack became unhappy. She has that memory to hold fast to, that night when her son was happy.

A little later, they hear an announcement over the radio that a body has been found matching Jack's description. Holder insists it's not Jack, but Linden tells him to drive to the scene of the crime. They get there, and the body is covered with a blanket. Linden charges through the police tape and stops, afraid that her worst fears might be confirmed. She screams out for her son, and Holder grabs her. He tells her it's not Jack, but she's already convinced herself that this has happened, and it's all her fault. She wails to the night -- just as Stan Larsen did 11 nights ago -- as Holder clasps onto her. Finally, a radio pipes up over the noise identifying the boy as Daniel McClintock. Linden walks to the nearest wall and crumbles, dissolving into tears of relief, guilt, exhaustion.

Holder takes her back to the motel, where they find Jack listening to music absent-mindedly outside the room. Holder tells Linden, "Kick his ass." Instead, she goes and hugs him fiercely. Holder heads back out to the car. His phone rings. It's the ADA telling him the warrant went through for the ATM security footage. He heads back to the office.

Inside the motel, Linden's voice cracks as she tells Jack he has no idea what she's been through. She asks why he's been lying. He asks her to promise not to get mad, then tells her he was with his father.

SPD. Holder eats his decidedly non-vegetarian pork rinds while he looks over the ATM footage. Of four screens, the bottom left corner shows Rosie wearing the pink sweater and looking blankly into the camera.

Only two episodes left: Rosie may be behind the Larsens' financial problems, or at least she had some secret source of money she was depositing every two weeks. Mitch questions Stan and Belko after the assault. Gwen's father gives her some damning evidence. And how on earth will we find Rosie's killer in the next two days?

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The Killing




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