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Poor Old Orpheus
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Stan wakes up on the couch, in the early hours of DAY FIFTEEN, to hear the sound of a music box going somewhere in the house. Because I guess it's true: The Larsen house could always be a little creepier.

Denny: "I was just playing with the music box to calm me down after I heard somebody fucking around outside."
Stan: "I'm sure it was nothing, you little weirdo. Now off to bed, and I'll check for monsters."
Belko: "Perhaps it was simply my ghost. The ghost of Belko Royce."

Stan goes outside with a cricket bat or something, and trips over... Rosie's backpack! Left on the stoop! Covered in blood! The Larsen house could always be creepier!


While Holder bags and tags the backpack and its contents -- which include a Super-8 that nobody knows where it came from, besides the 1980s -- Linden hits up Gwen for some more chatting. Surprise, Gwen is in no mood for her mess.

Gwen: "So now you're fucking telling me that your evidence doesn't add up? I spent the entire last episode covered in blood and now you're saying there was never even a case?" Linden: "Yeah, and I'm sorry about that? But if you could just take me through that night like one more time."


Stan: "So what this tells me is that the killer is still out there. And even more grody than we presumed."
Holder: "For me to agree with you would be to admit my culpability in the arrest, the shooting, Belko's whole deal..."
Stan: "My kids aren't safe. You need a patrol car on us, all the time. I'm not even taking them to school."
Holder: "I have an outsized concept of my own departmental importance, so I will promise you that."
Stan: "Hold up, what were you saying about Belko? What did that little sweetheart do now? You guys roughed him up pretty good before -- did you get him a doctor? How is the structural integrity of his face and head doing?"
Holder: "Oh, damn it."


As we know, they were staying in a Tacoma B&B that night, romantically, and he got up and left sometime after midnight, then came back in the early hours dripping on the carpet. He shucked his wet clothes, refused to talk about it -- never looked back; Orpheus Rising -- and they fucked.

Gwen: "Now he is, of course, paralyzed from the waist down. But that morning, he was... Different, more present. More preoccupied. I didn't feel like I was competing with Lily, or whoever usually was on his mind. He smelled like he does after kayaking, in the morning. Briny, not sweaty. I could taste the salt on his neck."

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The Killing




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