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Poor Old Orpheus

Linden: "What about the clothes from that night?"
Gwen: "The only person on earth who would remember something like that is you, so yeah. No idea."
Linden: "Do you have keys to his apartment? I need to do some more of my immaculate detective work."


Holder: "Oakes, I'm just saying Stan Larsen will probably freak out some more. Send a patrol car over there."
Oakes: "Okay. Take the backpack to this one guy Stu."
Holder: "Linden always uses Gary..."
Oakes: "This is not her case anymore! Use Stu! He is the one that looks like an undead ghoul."

Sloane: "Who were you talking to on the phone?"
Holder: "Oakes, our boss. He seems really focused on who I give this evidence to."
Sloane: "I'm sure it's just more departmental corruption meant to cover both our asses in this conspiracy. Let's go have coffee."


Darren finally wakes up, yanking and gagging on his tube, and Jamie calls an audible: Uninterested in telling Richmond the sixteen horrible things that have happened, he follows the doctor out into the hallway to bug him instead.

Jamie: "When are you going to tell him?"
Doctor: "Tell him what?"
Jamie: "About how he can't walk and stuff."
Doctor: "I'll tell him later, but the thing about paraplegia is that people tend to figure it out on their own. Go be with him."
Jamie: "I'd rather continue calling his sister over and over. That way I feel like I'm doing something, but also don't have to deal with a bunch of bummer stuff."


Stu: "I am creepy as heck! Hand me that bloody backpack!"


Linden pokes around in his stuff, leaving hairs and sputum everywhere. In a pile of framed photographs on the floor -- which is not where they go -- she finds a picture of: Darren and Lily Richmond, standing on a Tacoma bridge, on October fifth ten years ago. Linden, at this point -- not that she'll tell us the whole story -- figures out that the Tacoma B&B is something to do with their marriage, and that this whole thing coincidentally has to do with the fact that October fifth is Darren's anniversary with his dead wife. So taking Gwen out there that night was either a somewhat healthy or an incredibly awful thing to do, but either way distances him ever further from the Larsen case itself.

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