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Poor Old Orpheus


Stan: "Argh! Another of my tantrums! I can't believe I talked Belko into killing himself just by silently withholding my love and approval, the only things that kept him alive in the saddest existence a human can imagine!"
Terry & Stan: "Belko killed himself! We are like unto the house of Atreus!"
Stan: "You know who I blame is the cops. Maybe I should do something stupid relating to that."
Terry: "Uh, you are still out on bail. You are facing time, already. Your wife has vanished -- literally, not like usual into a realm of shadowy remote sadness -- and your kids are wigging the hell out. Pull it together."

Stan: "Should I tell them anything about Belko?"
Terry: "No way? There is not a kid-friendly version of that. But you should probably mention how their mother has run off and deserted them."
Stan: "Listen, Mitch and Belko were my main competition for Martyr of All Time. As long as absolutely everything is about me, I'm cool. I can weather any storm."


Jamie sends off functionaries to tell the press nothing of import, and then notices the lady changing Richmond's colostomy bag. Understandably, this brings the whole situation into an even more raw and awful focus, and then Darren wakes up just as Jamie's asking how long he'll have to have it (Answer: Forever), so then Jamie finally has to deal with Darren.

Richmond: "What are our numbers like? Just kidding, I nearly died."
Jamie: "You're in a hospital, you nearly died, but you didn't. The rest of this shit I cannot spin, so go to sleep."
Richmond: "What is the situation with my legs? They are not reporting back."
Jamie: "I can't spin that either, so let me call your attention to this little button. It is a morphine drip. Neat, huh?"

He sprints off to find somebody else to deal with this situation, which is killing him totally, and the doctor is gone until the afternoon. Instead of going back to Darren's bedside, he regretfully -- but quickly -- gets on the elevator. I don't think I've ever sympathized with him quite this much, but I guess it makes sense: He has now joined the ranks of the grieving, which is how you can tell main characters from the side ones, on this show. He's Orpheus too, trying to keep his back to it no matter how loud it gets.


Since she has no job or place to live, Sarah Linden has plenty of time for day trips, like to Tacoma B&Bs, and for touring the countryside. Even more, now that she thinks Holder is going to murder her. The woman who runs the place confirms that this was the destination for most of Darren and Lily's romantic milestones, and that they were a tremendous couple, very much in love. Sarah shrugs -- what does that even mean to her? -- and wanders out to the bridge from the photo. She stares down at the crabbers, who look like gay porn cartoons, and they stare up at her.

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The Killing




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