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Poor Old Orpheus

Hot Crabbers: "From the look on her mug, I'd assume that lady is about to jump off the bridge."

Linden: "I sure hope you're coincidentally the one person I need to talk to."
Hot Crabber: "The great thing about my philosophy on crabbing -- which I can describe thusly [at length] -- is that I have no set schedule, and therefore it's infinitesimally more likely that I would have some information to give you, off-screen, in a second."


While Stan continues yelling at the cops to send a patrol car so the killer won't kill more of his kids, Aunt Terry goes looking through her box of junk for a panini press to make lunch with. The kids aren't really putting together that she's in essence moving in, not even when she brings out a priceless Waterford crystal goblet that was given to her as a gift and is apparently her Precious. (Stay tuned for when that shit shatters, which should be about five seconds from now, obviously.) Meanwhile, little Denny has completely given up on his father protecting them, and requests that they outsource this job to a canine of some sort.


Oakes: "Oh yeah, there wasn't any good evidence on that backpack so don't pursue it further."
Holder: "First of all, I gave him that thing about a minute ago. Secondly, evidence vital to a murder case totally turned up on the porch of the victim, and you don't think that's worth investigating?"
Oakes: "Seriously, just don't push me on this. I am a good guy, you can trust me. This is a different coverup than your one."
Holder: "No! I have come late to the concept of justice!"
Oakes: "Get out."

Holder goes downstairs where -- this did surprise me -- he's got the backpack: He never turned it in, but gave Stu his own backpack instead. Which means not only is Oakes lying about the process, but also the very fact that Stu ever reported back to him. Stu, looking at Stu I think he's probably the Evidence Goat and you give things to Stu when you want him to eat them. Little girl's magenta panties, wool hats, backpacks with a million sparkly things hanging off them. But Goat Stu shall go hungry today, by God.


While Linden's approaching Senior Deputy Prosecutor Christina Nilsson for a meeting about all this, Jamie's working his shit out on an elliptical. He's to the point of ignoring the doctor's calls, sadly, and seems only mildly perturbed that his opposite number on the campaign, Ben Abani, keeps giving him the big eye. Afterward, in the locker room, Ben tweaks him about how the Mayor is going to win under the guise of gamesmanship, handshake, the whole thing -- but Jamie cannot be expected at this point to do anything besides haul off and punch him, so that's what he does. Tiny little Jamie, great big Ben Abani. Ben loses his cool and beats fuck out of Jamie, still screaming about how Richmond's a "child-killer" as the gym guys drag him away.

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The Killing




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