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Rosie's bloodied backpack appeared at Stan Larsen's door, sending him back to the Wiseguys of his youth, while Lieutenant Oakes's last act as Linden and Holder's boss was to keep it from going into evidence. Little did he know that Holder had never turned the backpack in at all -- smelling some new and scary conspiracy on the horizon, he kept it to himself. While Linden scrambled -- certain her former partner was a deadly enemy -- Holder himself was rewarded with abuse from his mentor Gil, after accusing Oakes of evidence hinkiness and mentioning IA. Things ended with a quietly terrified Sarah, a catatonic and paralyzed Councilman Richmond, Mitch still MIA, and Holder realizing he sold the entire show down the road in his enthusiasm for nailing the wrong suspect after all.


Probably on her way to take grave rubbings upstate or drive off the top edge of America into dragons or throw herself off the Hoover Dam while shouting Emily Dickinson poetry or take pictures of herself cutting little marks into her skin in every state of the Continental US.

Between smoking, bumming out, listening to sad punk and imagining herself driving into every overpass pillar, retaining wall, traffic pylon and fast-food restaurant she passes, Mitch manages to note on the side of the road a particularly snarly-sad girl, all black hair and red jeans and boots made for kicking.

The kind of girl you hope doesn't die in a complicated conspiracy involving Russian whores, mourning City Councilmembers, unrelated teenage kidnappers, cartoon samurai and the occasional sexy Steinbeck transplant murdering randoms, but also you kind of know she will. Such is the way of things.

Stiff from some kind of injury, Mitch opens up her suitcase in a motel full of gross shadows and the smell of desperation and the very worst in sex. Out comes a decoupaged box of bummer objects, but it does not hold her interest. No. It's been five seconds, so it's time for Mitch to go stare out at the rain and the sad motel pool.

The kind of pool a teenage girl probably died in, after meeting a public figure and filming herself going on a bike ride with a tattooed youth and then losing her backpack, all on the same day. The kind of pool where they might find some dead girl that would cause you to remember some other unrelated dead girl, causing you to be mentally ill at all times.

And also rude.


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The Killing




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