The Killing

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Linden: "Coworker, you will find witnesses from when Rosie Larsen was at that casino during her very busy day where she died."
Coworker: "Say 'please.' Or at least just alter your terrifyingly flat affect."
Linden: "You will also explain this tattoo picture that Holden brought in while I was running around avoiding him."
Coworker: "It is of a manga character named Ogi Jun. You will find out more later, completely by coincidence."
Linden: "I also something warrant something Beau Soleil servers at a shoestore. Or something."

Lt. Carlson: "I have obstructed your justice!"
Linden: "Is that because you are in a conspiracy."

Carlson: "No, it's because I'm new to being your boss and I need to establish the rules. I heard you're a real maverick and really rude all the time, but people respect you for some reason nobody knows. And because you got your last boss fired for your blatant everything."
Linden: "How do I even still work here."
Carlson: "Right? One more mystery you'll probably never solve in this lifetime."


Junkie Lady: "I am younger than I look, thanks to meth. I used to have kids so I guess I was even worse of a mother than some people on this show. Even though I am going to meetings, I still very much miss my drug of choice."
Holder: "Let me light that cigarette for you so we look even more like addicts."
Junkie Lady: "Have you seen your mentor Gil who usually comes to this meeting?"
Holder: "Funny story, he ruined my life yesterday and I am thinking about killing myself or I don't even know what."
Junkie Lady: "Sobriety is not as fun as doing a bunch of meth. Are you coming to this meeting?"
Holder: "No, I have somewhere to go. It is called Crazy."


Aunt Terry: "Do you want to come to the pumpkin patch with your family? I thought Halloween might provide a change of pace for the boys, since every day for them isn't already pretty much Halloween."
Stan: "No, even though there's no police car like I wanted, I have an alternate posse of murderers watching out for them. So they can go back to school."
Linden: "Mr. Larsen, sorry about how the police keep fucking you over and keep asking you the weirdest shit, but could you tell me what you know about manga samurai?"
Stan: "My best friend is dead, my wife is gone, my eight-year-old found his sister's bloody backpack, and that guy Holder is maybe not a reliable police officer. Oh what, you don't know about the backpack? What, did you spend the last two days running from your partner for no reason until you made him lose his marbles?"

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The Killing




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