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Linden: "Coworker, tell me of a backpack now."
Coworker: "It has vanished. This is like a French farce and you guys keep following each other's leads without knowing it. Only it's not really a funny farce, per se. More like a Keystone Kops kind."
Linden: "Did you say Keystone? That reminds me of limestone, which is a rock found close to the coastline. My intuition tells me that the vanished backpack, therefore, is on a houseboat belonging to Lieutenant Oakes."


Richmond: "I can feel the sunlight on my paralysis!"
Doctor: "No, you are making that up. It is phantom pain. It's analogous to your Orpheus metaphor, okay?"
Richmond: "It is not phantom pain! It is a delight!"
Doctor: "Fine, then I'll tell your neurologist. For at least two reasons, the second being that you are too crazy and it's making me tired."

Richmond: "Speaking of that, I don't want any more morphine."
Jamie: "What possible reason could you have for wanting to be in agonizing pain in the parts of your body that are not paralyzed?"
Richmond: "The campaign trail! I must have a clear head!"


Rolls up on that little boy he's always following around, that I forgot was his kid. Poor kid.

Holder: "[Extremely gross wigger nonsense.]"
Child: "I think probably my mom would be mad if you kidnapped me today."
Holder: "No, she said -- your 'Moms,' I mean -- that it's fine."
Child: "Really?"
Holder: "No, I was just telling gross lies. I am losing it for sure."
Child: "Okay, well, it's been characteristically desperate and depressing. Bye."


Aunt Terry walks the boys to school, past a hulking monster of a mobster with a baseball bat studded with nails and some brass knuckles and one mangled foot hanging out the trunk of his auto-auction LeSabre. The littler one (Denny?) holds up his two palms to her, and she gives him a double-high five, but then the snottier one (Tommy?) tells her that's not the way. Turns out Mitch used to kiss them both. That's sweet. Terry awkwardly does that, then turns to leave with a locked-eyes look at the mobster, who is now doing a yo-yo one-handed while striking sparks off his metal teeth with an icepick.


Linden: "Do you have any evidence you stole on your last day of work."

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The Killing




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