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Katie Being Kind

Oakes: "Yeah, here it is without further ado. Sorry I didn't jump in front of even more buses for you."
Linden: "I do not need your help. Especially not now. Because you have been fired."
Oakes: "Later. Try to remember that we worked well together."
Linden: "Will this grunt suffice."


Jamie: "Darren, I brought you flowers! Just kidding, they're for that nurse you keep ogling. They have a huge campaign button too, because our lives have become a macabre charade of pretending you're hale enough, in body or spirit, to run for public office of any kind."
Richmond: "Just please don't change the channel from my obsessive campaign-watching. It helps me cope with the constant pain from my poor decision to go off morphine."
Jamie: "Look at Ben Abani on there, with that minimal amount of damage I did to his face. I daresay I'm slightly less attracted to him than usual."

Mayor, on TV: "I 'really don't' feel like talking about this, but since you're 'making' me: Darren Richmond is a 'good' man and I'm 'glad' that he was 'exonerated' of the murder of that girl he certainly 'didn't' kill."


Terry: "Mitch, this is my 3,674th voicemail. I hope you're not in some horrible haunted motel hallucinating your dead daughter and considering fucking some random textbook salesman who sees your transparently deep grief as some kind of sex signal."
Mitch: "If you only knew that I am doing those things. Ignore."

Stan: "What, why are you looking at me like my wife is a useless shade?"
Terry: "That's what is up. How could she leave the boys? Even after nearly murdering them herself in the depths of her sheer, selfish oblivion?"
Stan: "I guess she wasn't happy. I guess I put those clues together somehow."

Terry, verbatim: "Happy? Who the hell's happy? Are you happy? Because I'm sure as hell not happy."
...The Killing, ladies and gents, in a nutshell. AMC Sundays, after an all-new Mad Men.

Stan: "If you want to take a minute to yourself after being here for two episodes, you go right ahead. I've got the Mob to keep me happy."
Terry: "Are you kidding me? Proving I'm a better wife and mother than my sister has been a lifelong dream. Frankly I hope this kills her."


Seeing Holder's backpack in the evidence bag reminds her of how that is not Rosie's backpack, so she figures out somehow that he's not a threat?

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The Killing




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