The Killing

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Katie Being Kind

Linden: "I have the factual information and have inferred why you assaulted my hotel room door without using your words. You will call me back."

After some time spent clicking back and forth between apparently indiscernable frames on Rosie's Super-8 film, Linden finds herself at the scene of a fire: That shoe store housing the Beau Soleil servers has been torched, and there are no indications that computers ever lived there.

Fireman: "It's not a computer kind of shoe store, but the regular shoe kind."
Linden: "Are you on the take."
Fireman: "I am clearly on the take. Everybody is. That is how a conspiracy works."
Linden: "I have noticed about a hundred closed-circuit cameras in the vicinity. First I shall pop some gum -- done -- and now I shall demand footage from them all."


Aunt Terry: "Denny, if that is your name, where did you get that box of a dessert?"
Denny (?): "From a strange man! It is delicious."

Stan: "Old Mob Boss, I told you to look at my children only, and not give them desserts!"
Yanik: "I just miss when you were little and running errands for us like a hirsute little Ray Liotta."
Stan: "Speaking of the favors you're doing me, that I'm being so ungrateful about, could you add to the list an escort service named Beau Soleil? I think my teenage daughter was hooking for them. Before her brutal murder."
Yanik: "Your life is such a pile of crap all the time!"
Stan: "Makes me sadder than my History of Violence."


Gross Trailer Park Lady: "Are you here to see my gross son Tyler?"
Holder: "I always knew 'Logic' wasn't his Christian name."

Logic: "Let me smoke some of this meth before our chat, and yell at my obese mom to get her oxygen-machine ass out of here."
Holder: "This is not even the worst thing that's happened to me today."
Logic: "You owe me a thousand dollars and you banged my girlfriend. Are we even friends?"
Holder: "No, I was only doing an uncanny impression of being a meth addict. Really I am a cop and our whole friendship was pretend."
Logic: "Okay, cool. Do you want to smoke a bunch of meth?"

Holder thinks about it for a second and then decides to beat the shit out of Logic instead, so he does that. Then he beats up Logic's mom. Then he steals what seems to my untrained eye like a shitload of Logic's meth.

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The Killing




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