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Logic: "Though it was quite diverting when you assaulted my mother, the rest of your behavior was simply unconscionable! Be on the lookout for the kind of repercussions one might expect!"


Neurologist: "Can you feel anything in your legs?"
Richmond: "No."
Neurologist: "See, that's because you're paralyzed. Now take your drugs and stop wasting everybody's time."

Richmond: "Jamie, pull the bus around. It's time to kiss some babies."
Jamie: "Take your drugs."
Richmond: "Jamie, do you see the face I'm making? Jamie?"
Jamie: "Okay, fine. I'll play along."


Gwen's Dad, Caleb Nichol: "So you're thinking about jumping ship? How about to my friend's Senate campaign?"
Gwen: "That might be kinda coo..."
Gwen's Dad, Charles Widmore: "-- Senator? I'm sending you my daughter Gwen to work for you. She'll be on a plane tonight."
Gwen: "...Hold up."

So I guess Gwen just accidentally got a much better job without even really meaning to. I love it when things just work out like that, especially for gorgeous, educated white people of privilege.


Textbook Guy: "You're so beautiful I didn't even notice your suicidal depression."
Mitch: "I'm so drunk I can barely see your face. But that ghost of my daughter is coming in crystal clear still."
Textbook: "Why, Anna, do you resist my advances? Shall I go?"
"Anna": "No, you can stay and I will fuck you in my sad-sackin' manner. I just want to make sure that decoupaged box of bummer items is clearly visible so I am squeezing every last drop of self-loathing out of this I can."


Back at the Meeting, where Junkie Lady still is, Holder thinks about doing some meth and then hides it in his console instead. He sure is getting jumpy.


Linden: "Coworker, do not notify our supervisor that I have a warrant for those cameras."
Coworker: "Okay, whatever."
Linden: "And Holder will call me. You will cause this to happen."
Coworker: "Anything for you."

Linden: "Do you want me to cook food for you."
Jack: "Frankly, no. Today was too shitty to walk you through doing that for the first time. How is Holder?"
Linden: "He does not know it yet, but we are back to being friends."

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The Killing




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