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Katie Being Kind

Which is what makes it worse, as she's finishing up and he's scrambling for stuff to talk about and asks what she was up to down there, and she easily explains she was just changing his catheter. And if Katie were a lesser nurse, or person, she'd ignore the change on his face -- as he goes from charming rake to pissing invalid in one rapid, sickening move -- but instead she just shrugs.

"I know. First week's the worst!"

Which almost saves him. But Katie's even kinder than that:

"You'll get used to it."


Anne's using pseudonymous sex to run from death, and Richmond flirted with flirting to get out of his head, but good old Holden's parked under an overpass, fucking that Junkie Girl like they're both about to die. Which is why she asks him if he's got any meth.


While Sarah's digging out the tale of Ogi Jun -- mourning at his father's grave, swearing to avenge him -- Yanik appears in Stan's garage to deliver two messages: One, his contact at Beau Soleil says Rosie never worked there. It was all Russian girls. And number two, his contact at the Morgue says she was alive, when she went into the water; she tore her own fingernails out trying to escape. So, he suggests, leaving her file behind, when it's all done maybe Stan should be the one who kills him. Which I guess is how they get you.


Linden: "Why are you bothering me Coworker, I am cooking. Okay, I will open those files I demanded. Wait, I cannot open these files."
Linden: "I hope this is not a virus gift from the conspiracy, but instead a weirdly long scene of a person suddenly unable to use a computer's simplest functions."

While she waits, she watches Jack cooking. He is very tall. The file finally opens up: At 2:34 AM, a Larsen van was filmed a block from the shoestore, driven by somebody with an Ogi Jun tattoo. There is an interrupting call from Holder's phone, which Linden finally answers.

Junkie Lady: "You don't know me, but I am a Junkie Lady. I am calling to say that Stephen Holder needs your help. He is high on meth and running around in traffic."

After a glance at Jack, but not really a hint of ambivalence about what she's going to do, Linden takes off.


Linden: "Coworker, get over here. I know what you did."
Holder's Face: "Yeah, and now you hate me too. That's why I am in traffic."

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The Killing




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