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Stan decided what his prostitution- and insanity-rich family needed was more creeps bugging them, so he co-opted a Richmond "presser" and offered twelve grand to whatever mobster or fake psychic or general lowlife Rooster and Lily St. James that might wander along with details of Rosie's death or life. The Mayor faked a photograph that seemed to prove Darren was responsible for the murder, and even though he's been acquitted the Mayor's still trying to squeeze that stone whenever he can. Linden's son finally had that nervous breakdown he's been working on, while Holder -- before his death at the hands of Native Americans -- had a strange run-in with one of the maids at the Casino. At this point people are just handing them red herrings.


Linden: "Policemen! My vehicle is obstructed by a passing train and so I cannot solve this issue myself, but I just received a phone call in which my partner could be heard having the living shit kicked out of him on a reservation. Search for him immediately."
Coworker: "Officer, I can't just do that..."
Linden: "Then proceed through the chain of command in a timely fashion!"

Jack: "Mom, what's going on? What horrible thing is going on now?"
Linden: "Progeny. Return to sleeping. Or to crying uncontrollably."
Jack: "What's going on with Holder?"
Linden: "Nothing, Progeny. He is being abused by the Native Americans, as in a myth typical to their people. I will deposit you at his residence so that you will stop talking to me. For I crave the silence."
Jack: "I don't want to stay at Holder's apartment! I want to go with you! Or to Regi's! You keep leaving me places and then I keep getting almost taken away from you! I have had it!"
Linden: "You have had it. I see your point, Progeny. This Killing. It is pushing us all beyond our limits."
Jack: "Could you just this one time let the cops do their jobs?"
Linden: "A laughable suggestion."

Coworker: "Lieutenant Carlson has denied your request for a search party."
Linden: "But an officer is down. I have told this to you."


Linden: "An officer is down. I am feeling anxiety, Superior."
Carlson: "You should try knocking some time. It makes people react better when you do that, instead of just rushing in with your whole intensity thing."

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The Killing




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