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The Cocktail Party Effect

Cop: "Okay, people, let's go fast. We got until dawn, when the lawyers show up. Linden, you go sit in the car because we have all had it with you, and because you are singularly poor at finding things."

Moments Later: "We found a Pez dispenser on the northeast sector of the island."
Linden: "I will join it in that sector."
Moments Later: "This is his Pez, I know it. For my partner enjoyed Pez."

By pre-dawn, they've found a random junk pile of garbage that would make Chief Nicole cry one single tear. The dogs are stymied, Holder is trash but not this kind of trash, and even Linden's robot body is showing signs of fatigue. Just then, she sees or hallucinates a bunch of little kids playing in the garbage and looking sad, like "sponsor this child for the price of a cup of coffee" sad, and one little girl points off into the woods. Of course, Linden takes this at face value and immediately figures out that he's on the other side of this one stream they didn't cross during the night, and of course he is there.


Just kidding, it's Holder. Kill him and what have you got? I mean, that would be an awesome thing for the show to do -- actually to have something happen on the show, that would be incredible -- but without Holder, I mean, what is there. Then you'd have a cop show which is not only not really a cop show, but it would also contain zero cops. Just this outpatient lady, and her sweaters and her gum, wandering the hillside and occasionally bumping into a horrible family or a paralyzed City Councilman who likes to get choked in bed.


Darren: "Thanks to the sad press of sad Seattle for coming out in this sad rain and just standing here in the rain while I talk about basically nothing and then roll away in my wheelchair in the rain. Allow me to reiterate that thing Jamie's grandpa said about bad luck making you or breaking you."
Jamie: "He remembered that one thing he keeps saying in every episode, that I said! Because we are in love!"

Press: "How come you killed that little girl?"
Darren: "I didn't. Next question."
Press: "Where were you that night you killed that little girl?"
Darren: "..."
Gwen: "Thanks! But we have to go now!"

"Presser" my ass. More like depresser, am I right?


Linden: "I am the partner of this man down. How long until he is fully functional?"

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The Killing




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