The Killing
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The Cocktail Party Effect

Cute Canadian Nurse: "In the real world? Like a month. On this show, thirty minutes."

Linden: "Progeny. Holder is alive."
Linden: "Asking me if I am okay is like asking a Ford Escort about the upcoming mayoral race. It is qualitative, not quantitative."
Linden: "I will notify him of your opinion about his music collection. Once the internet is invented this will be a stupid conversation, but that has not yet happened on this show."
Linden: "My hope is that you will be comfortable staying in his house a little while longer, until I crack this case about this Killing."
Linden: "Yes, I love you also. I am your parent."


Boys: "How come Aunt Terry can't babysit us in our gloomy doomy dark nightmare house? What is going on with my eyebrows? Why do we have to stay with grandpa?"
Stan: "Because I opened a great big fat can of worms."
Mr. Marek: "That might have been a dumb idea, maybe? Because of how you're in the Mob and people are already super weird about her murder and everything?"
Stan: "It is all I have, so I will ignore that truth entirely until it is proven to my face."

The phone keeps ringing, and Stan keeps answering, because he is a goddamn goober.


Holder's Sister: "Are you Linden? I was told to look for a highly kinetic, anxious cloud of sweaters and gum."
Linden: "You seem harsh and protective of your child. I suppose that you are his sister. Know that he is a good police detective."
Sister: "I think he should try another job, but that's nice. He's never been good at anything before. Besides smoking crystal methamphetamine and showing little discretion about his friends and compatriots, I mean."
Linden: "One thing he is bad at is being African-American. You are awfully judgmental for somebody who always looks like she has been crying in the bathtub all day."
Sister: "Anyway, here's that matchbook. He woke up briefly from his beating coma to tell me that you should have this. I guess it's a clue."
Linden: "This Killing. I tell you what."
Sister: "Just to make it clear, I want you out of here. Like how I always want Stephen out of my life? That's you. At least until he wakes up, and then I'll probably go back to being a bitch to him."
Linden: "That is mostly how I react to him too."

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The Killing




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