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The Cocktail Party Effect


Stan: "Okay, crazy. Thanks for your strange lies, hope it works out. Next?"
Some Lady: "Man, these crazies that are obsessed with that reward, am I right?"
Stan: "You have established a rapport. I will not question you further about your intentions."
Naomi: "How about I also had a daughter, and she died too?"
Stan: "You are working me like a pro. Continue."
Naomi: "You raised a good girl, Mr. Larsen. You should be proud. Rosie told me all about you. She told me she loved you, despite everything that happened between you, the past. She told me that you were such a special daddy to her."
Stan: Starts crying; the sun comes out.
Naomi: "Yeah. Also, give me some money and I will talk to her for you. In Heaven."

Stan goes from overjoyed and crying to sad again. Just sad for everybody. It's so sad. Like, whether this lady is an asshole -- which she is -- or crazy -- which probably she is -- that was a bad little moment. A dagger in his equilibrium. Hopefully he will drop the tipline thing now.


Sarah sits beside Jack on the empty dock.

Jack: "I figured the cops were there for me, so I ran again. Thought Regi would be here, but she's not."
Sarah: Nothing, because what do you say?
Jack: "Nobody is here."

Sarah finally comes to a decision. All season long it's felt like the nets were closing on her, on her family, and somebody was going to get hurt, and finally somebody did get hurt. But Jack's been hurting this whole time. And for what? To prove some bullshit point about how she's not crazy? She's crazy. To prove that she's strong? She's not strong. Not as strong as Jack, anyway. Maybe not strong as Holder, who didn't get out in time. How she can take care of herself and her son? She can't. She cannot do those things. She just has Rosie now. The shape of her life finally looks like the shape of her head. She has lost everything that kept her connected to the world, and she keeps losing things, but at least nobody else was paying for it. Until now.


Gwen: "Hey, buddy! I had a brainwave, you're going to steal Chief Nicole away from the Mayor. You'll be the waterfront campaign, not him."
Darren: "Problem number one, she is the worst. She makes Drexler look like a better bedmate*. Do you have any ideas that don't come with total corruption?"

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The Killing




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