The Killing
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The Cocktail Party Effect

Gwen: "Are we really talking about that?"
Darren: "No! We are talking about how you told the police I disappeared that night and came back wet, and that got me arrested, and that got me shot."

*(And how!)

Gwen: "I guess we could use some work on our communication skills. Like, how you lied to me. About a lot of things. Your dead wife, your suicide attempt that night, all those women, the choking thing..."
Darren: "What I hear you saying is that I deserve to be in a wheelchair."
Gwen: "What I am saying is, I have to go meet with our advertisers now. I'll be back with some more good ideas you can scream at me about later, okay?"


Holder: "My nephew! My favorite person and the symbol of my lost innocence as well as the debt to family I can never repay, due to my history of addiction and self-loathing!"
Nephew: "Does it hurt?"
Holder: "No, I still have some organs. Hey, here's a gold coin like the one I stole from you long ago to finance my drug use."
Nephew: "That's always been a bigger deal to you than to me, because I'm too young to understand any of those concepts. I'm just as happy playing with like an empty box or some string. I can have myself a killer day just pretending a sandwich is a gun or my shoe is a magic potion. I'm a child, you see."
Holder: "Well, know this, because I may have sent you some mixed messages in the past on this subject. Your mom is a good mom. She makes the hard choices. And now, I will endeavor to be a better uncle. Now that my only addiction is enabling Sarah Linden's addiction."

Holder's phone rings a few seconds into their bonding, and he makes a worried face.


Linden: "Helo will meet you at the airport in Chicago, of course, but I would appreciate a telephone call on your arrival. A mother worries."
Jack: "How about you just come with me?"
Linden: "I do not have an answer for that. This is just temporary. I will see you soon. If there's one thing we know to be true, it is that I am able to get on an airplane and go places."
Jack: "Okay, well. Bye."

Jack trudges off toward the gate, and she jumps up and chases him down. Time for some stellar acting. In a whole story about losing your child, losing your parents, odd horrible living arrangements, the thousand things we do to our kids... Nobody ever got to say goodbye before. She makes the best of it, her chance.

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The Killing




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