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Holder: "Nice move with the candy bar, by the way. You palmed it to him so fast you'd have to be watching to even see it happen."
Linden: "The chocolate-centered barter system is universal, especially among incarcerated children. I worked Juvie my first job out of the Academy. Those two sentences may or may not be connected."

(More gum? Thought so.)

Holder: "Weren't you a runner back then, too? You ran away every six months?"
Linden: "I am not very complicated, honestly."
Holder: "Makes sense. I mean, your ambivalence about Sonoma, your predilection for homelessness..."
Linden: "--This interview is over!"
Holder: "Sorry! I don't even know about this new thing with Jack's dad, I was just trying to demonstrate our emotional bond."
Linden: "There is not enough chewing gum in the world to get me through this conversation. You can hit more of my buttons with one sentence than even people who aren't completely oblivious could hit all year. Get out of the car get the fuck out of the car."

...Yep. She just leaves him there, drives off looking insane and rude as usual, and tells him to radio for a car and keep his eye on Alexi's house. Even Holder is like, "We are officially back to normal."


Stan: "Tommy! Come away from those boys teasing you about your dead sister. First of all, you know they're just being stupid. Right?"
Tommy: "Quoting from the Parents' Handbook again, mortal? Really?"
Stan: "Second of all, I want you to do something that is really more about me than it is about you."
Tommy: "What, walk away when they're teasing me? Good Lord, mortal."
Stan: "No. I want you to pick the biggest guy in the group, and break his nose. Okay?"
Tommy, staring: "Being a Larsen is a neverending treasure trove of more and more horrible revelations."

"And if that doesn't work, murder his father. It's the only way these people learn. Or occasionally they'll get a tattoo and come kill your own children and leave their bloody belongings on your doorstep. The important thing is that It Gets Better, son."


Terry: "Man, I'm depressed. And I think my nephew might be the Antichrist. I should call that married guy I'm in love with, whose son rapes witches. Maybe he can give me some parenting tips."

Sally Ames: "Hello? This better not be any of my husband's prostitutes, or my son's rape or kidnapping victims."

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The Killing




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