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Terry: "...Wrong number, sorry."

HOSPITAL Jamie: "We got a Get Well card from some random person,

remember her? Remember last week when everything was awesome? Remember before you met your dead wife? Remember civics class and being a politician and how I'm always by your side? Remember government?"
Darren: "I see what you are doing."
Jamie: "Hey, remember kissing babies and shaking hands and how Gwen's gone and I'm the only person you have left?"
Darren: "Withdraw me from the gubernatorial race, Jamie."
Jamie: "Yesterday you said..."
Darren: "Yesterday I thought I could feel sunlight on my dead legs. Today is a new and vastly shittier day."

Jamie: "So what will this speech..."
Darren: "-- Statement. Which you'll be delivering."
Jamie: "-- Statement will say. 'I know Councilman Richmond said he would always fight for you, and protect you from Adams, and I know his hair always looks perfect and when he holds you it feels like you're safe from the world, and I know that he could probably lead our country into a bright new age of enlightment, but sorry. He just doesn't give a shit about you anymore. Sorry you believed in him, sorry you fought for him, sorry he's leaving you with nothing.'"
Darren: "Jamie, that speech needs work."
Jamie: "Statement. And fuck you."

My favorite line of the night, because seriously: "That's right, let it out. Let's hear what really goes on up there."

Jamie: "No, this isn't about my job or the time I wasted on you, or anything. That I've lived my last ten years out of a car, neglecting my child and flaking on my fiance, just to help you get closure on this, fighting 24/7 for you because I believe in you and I believe in our future..."
Darren: "So save the eloquence for your next candidate and put that service on your resume, because you're a talented and selfless campaigner."
Jamie: "And you're a fucking coward."
Darren: "And you are fired."
Jamie: "If you don't run there's nothing to fire me from!"
Darren: "And what, you're just going to chill here for free?"
Jamie: "Yes that is the plan!"

Second favorite: "Get a life, Jamie! I am not it!"

Darren: "I'm doing you a favor. Go, get laid! Call Gwen, I hear she's available."

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The Killing




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