The Killing
Ogi Jun

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Jamie: "Oh my God, Mr. Rockbottom."
Darren: "Yes. That was, for obscure reasons, my best shot."

Jamie: "Jamie OUT!"
Darren: "Good!"
(Jamie, I bet: "... To buy you presents, silly! I'm coming right back.")


Regi: "Ah, coffee and that thing you think is smiling. I sense an illegal favor in the offing."

Regi: "Where's home these days, Sarah?"
Sarah: "I am fine. It is technically covered. Do not worry about me."
Regi: "We've been having this conversation since you first started speaking. Or at least, since you learned to speak and then refused to do so. How is your child?"
Sarah: "The progeny thrives. He eats and sleeps."
Regi: "How about you? Doing either of those things?"
Sarah: "...I am here to talk about business. The business of that Killing."

Regi: "Presumably, yes. What ludicrous request will I be resisting and then immediately indulging this week?"
Sarah: "I need the CPS file on an Alexi Giffords."
Regi: "Uh, no. Jesus, you are the worst cop."
Sarah: "He's twenty now! There's no Child to Protectively Service!"
Regi: "Imagine it was your file, and I betrayed your trust that way, as your social worker. And before you answer, consider how you just kicked fragile little Holder out of your car -- onto the literal street, outside a psychopath's house -- for asking banal questions about exactly that."
Sarah: "-- If it solved a murder, I would not take offense."

Regi: "Yeah, I guess that was an obvious answer considering how all you are is solving murders or going nuts when you can't solve murders. But I mean, your file? Whoever read it would probably end up in the loony bin."
Sarah: "My life has been eventful. It has contained events. Some large, some small, but each of them touched by meaning ... or meaninglessness."


Stan's mopping out his van when he notes a weird slippery spot on the floor, which he quickly identifies as gasoline before feeling around at the edge of the steel flooring for a detonator or two, because he knows how to arson and what it requires.

Therefore, Stan comes in shouting about how Janek used his truck, not to mention his Ogi Jun -- who is right now creeping the fuck out of Babka's before the shit hits the fan, is Alexi -- to blow up a whorehouse that he was assured had nothing to do with his family, his tragedy, or his Family. Before you know it he's flipping tables and getting his shit restrained by materializing toughs, screaming over and over, "What did you do to Rosie?"

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The Killing




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