The Killing
Ogi Jun

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Janek: "That was regrettable in many ways. I didn't kill your daughter, but I would watch out for your sons."

Stan: "I suppose I could have handled that better, yeah."


...comes running from the previous scene -- I love when they take the time to do this, but especially when it goes beyond accounting for Holder and Linden's separate investigative duties, which this is both -- into Holder, who is pissing outside his apartment, three blocks from Rosie's house. Spotting Holder, he bolts, and Holder takes the time to put his dick away before giving chase. Lacking the health of even a twenty year old meth addicted lacto-ovo-bacon vegetarian, however, he soons loses the boy and calls it in.


Giff's Social Worker: "Are you Regi's friend? I saw you out here in your car looking haunted, so I just figured. Have any trouble finding the place?"
Linden: "I am more than familiar. That kid walking out with his new parents had a yellow balloon."
Social Worker: "Er, that's right. Good!"
Linden: "They used to be red."
Social Worker: "Oh, I see what you're saying."
Linden: "You should give them to the kids that don't get adopted."
Social Worker: "They're too busy scrubbing the floors and singing chipper songs while the grownups drink bathtub gin and create elaborate moneymaking schemes that never work out."


Once there was a secret prince with hair dark as night, skin white as snow, and lips red as blood. He was left on the church steps at the age of four -- after his young mother suffered a loss, at the hands of an evil Huntsman -- and commended to the state. He moved from house to house -- some made of straw, some made of gingerbread -- always learning to plan, always ready to run, until he was sixteen. And met the Huntsman's daughter.


Darren shoves Josh out of his way and wheels himself into the bathroom, to look at his gams in the very lonely mirror.

Monica Krol appears to Stan, all her memories stirred up, and watches him through the garage glass until he notices her: "Do you know who I am?" He nods. "You got what you deserved." He nods, again.

Linden links Alexi to Monica, and Monica to Piotr, and Piotr to Stan, and Ogi Jun to Alexi, and sets off running to his house, which Holder's already canvassed. The irony, of course, being that Janek is the sensei in this story, for Alexi and Piotr and Stan: Stan was just a soldier, just a hunstman, not the evil King at all.

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The Killing




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