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Question Two: Why did Rosie's backpack contain so relatively few items of clothing, books about humans, or tools for survival.

Holder: "Like everyone on this show, I have a secret evidence person that I give my secret evidence to. The entire Medical Examiner's office and Morgue are just double agents for other people on this show."
Linden: "Who is yours. Wait, it is a secret. Never mind."

Holder: "Listen, I'm sorry about the finale last year. I honestly thought that fake photograph was real, because I loved Gil and thought he was my fairy godmother after he saved me from drugs."
Linden: "Your reasons are irrelevant. What matters is that you contributed to the ongoing shitstorm that is my life."
Holder: "I guess I just trusted the wrong guy."
Linden: "We could all say that, I suppose. Especially me, if you see what I am implying with my words."

Holder: "...So those vans that just pulled out contain nobody in a Larsen uniform, and it's the middle of the night."
Linden: "A clue."


Linden: "Of all places, for those vans to come here. I thought Stan was done being in the Mob but that seems to have been incorrect."
Holder: "Nobody is creepy enough to think it's cool that the trucks of his own small business helped cover up a huge part of his daughter's murder."
Linden: "Not even Stan Larsen, a man who has accidentally arranged more murders in the last two weeks than Janek himself in a lifetime of infamy."


Stan: "Hello? Oh nothing, just sitting here staring at nothing. Ever since my wife left me I figure somebody has to do that at least a couple hours a day."
Morgue: "Cool. I was just calling to tell you we're cremating Belko today."
Stan: "I won't have it!"

Denny creepters around, listening to them talk about dead Belko whom he still doesn't know is dead. Tommy sits there, sullenly acting like a little shit.

Terry: "Tommy, get some pants on. I have to take you guys to school before I begin my busy day of hooking."
Tommy: "Eat a dick, Aunt Terry."
Stan: "Hey! That puts food on your table, don't knock it. Now get dressed before I go domestic on you."

Terry: "Thanks. I know your concept of fatherhood extends basically to threats of violence even when you're being sweet to them, so I appreciate you stepping in and doing your one thing. Hey, have you noticed that Tommy is going crazy?"

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The Killing




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