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Linden: "This is Holder. We hate him, but we also love him. Duplicate your Stan Larsen information into our mind boxes, through saying it."


When Darren Richmond wakes up, he is usually still sleepy. He knocks around, looking for things -- his car keys, a glass of water, his life -- and eventually things clear up. This time, though, he knocks the water on the floor and can't retrieve it, being paralyzed, which is a bad way to wake up any way you slice it. And so it is, when his adorable OT Josh arrives full of good cheer, Darren calls into question his entire life and bedside manner, which causes Josh to flee, leaving behind a very fancy wheelchair and an air of regret.


Linden: "Coworker, here is your badge back. It symbolizes that we are going to be okay. No congratulations on becoming a detective, though."
Holder: "Thass fair."

Monica: "I still look super dicey even though my husband died and I abandoned our son about a hundred years ago. What can I do for you?"
Linden: "I want to talk about your husband's brutal murder. From which you still have not recovered, being as you are a character on this show."
Monica: "I am glad that Stan Larsen's daughter died. I hope they never find the killer."
Holder: "Oh, rest assured."


Holder: "That widow is a 'menthol-sucking bag of bones.' No way could she kill a healthy young girl with Rosie's ability to multitask."
Linden: "Coworker, address me regarding your eating habits."
Holder: "Does that mean you love me again?"
Linden: "It means I am demonstrating interest in your life. I hardly ever even talk, so take it as you will."

Holder: "One of the Janek corruptions was contract work for the City. Perhaps we should talk to the Mayor."
Linden: "Not this early in the season*, no."
Holder: "Michael Ames, the land developer? We haven't dealt with him in a while, but we're about to see his kid, so... Or maybe your FBI friend knows Ogi Jun?"
Linden: "I have to answer a telephone call. Stop talking, Coworker."

*(Can you believe it's already a third over? Double-episodes in a cable-length short season always throws off my internal clock on these things. Point being, we're entering Act II according to Jacob's Essential Rules For Watching Television Without Going Crazy, which means we won't even touch those guys until at least four leads from now: That's four days for Sarah, and at least a month for you and me.)

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The Killing




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