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Lawyer: "Sarah Linden? This is your babydaddy's lawyer. We are suing you for custody."
Linden: "I absolutely cannot imagine why."
Lawyer: "...Really?"
Linden: "Oh wait, is it because I am homeless and mentally ill and cannot take care of my son's basic needs? Or because I am constantly only one clue away from moving him out of state."


Linden: "Sterling, you still look as if you are dying of tuberculosis, like everybody else that knew Rosie Larsen. Can we reopen some old wounds."
Jasper Ames: "Only if I can creepily watch and flagrantly signal that I have yet more secrets, besides that time I gang-raped a witch or the fact that Rosie's aunt is in love with my dad."
Sterling: "All I know about Ogi Jun is that he worked for her dad, and she acted like he was stalking her."
Linden: "Why."
Sterling: "Because he was totally stalking her. Other than that, I don't know. She was going pretty Laura Palmer at that point and we didn't talk much, so I'm not all that reliable. Like how I thought Jasper was dating her, and he didn't even like her enough to gang-bang her with his best friend. Anyway, say hi to her crazy mom for me? She really doesn't get enough credit on this show."


Jamie: "Gwen, I need you."
Gwen: "Is this an apology from when you called me a whore just for sleeping with an unmarried man that we're both in love with?"
Jamie: "Don't be ridiculous. Now, I need you to tell me everything about Darren's daily routine. It's for a hospital worksheet they give family to keep them busy while they do their jobs."
Gwen: "Daily routine?"
Jamie: "Yeah, like his morning rituals, things that may be impacted by this life change. You should remember them from when you were being a whore with him."
Gwen: "He sleeps facing away from you, because of his Orpheus metaphor. Oh, and when he wakes up he is usually still sleepy. He knocks around, looking for things. His car keys, sunglasses..."

They both start crying, first Gwen and then Jamie because Gwen's crying. I've always loved their relationship so much, it's so complicated and real. I like Holder and I get that dynamic too, but speaking personally -- as a bodyguard and bully from birth -- there is just something very special to me about old Jamie.

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The Killing




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